What do film production companies do? A sneak peek at the industry 


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions film production? If we had to take a crack at it, we’d guess red carpets and flashy Hollywood stars. But film production has grown beyond the movie industry and has made its way to private and corporate usage. You don’t need Quentin Tarantino to produce your video when there are plenty of local film production companies around you. Don’t believe us? Try Googling ‘film production companies near me’ to see what we’re talking about.

Film production companies traditionally shoot, edit, market and distribute movies, tv-series and advertisements. But the digital age has brought about all kinds of video needs in the corporate world as well as our daily lives that can be just as easily shared globally. Content is preferred in video format and video companies that have showcased past experience of ‘viral videos’ are the most sought after. The functions of a video production company have become blurred in the past few years. So let us show you, through our lens, what film production companies do.


Professional Filming

Film production companies are home to professional videographers with years of experience in the field. Sometimes it doesn’t take state-of-the-art equipment to create a perfect video, it just takes an experienced videographer with the know-how of the industry. This is why your Insta-story of a wedding looks nothing like the videographer’s cut. There’s a reason why video production is a billion-dollar industry – people would rather hire professionals to create high-quality content than pay half the price for quarter the quality to some Gumtree-hire with a phone camera.


Team Hire

When you pay a video production company for their services, you get the whole package. Every step of the process is covered by the company’s team members who specialise in their talent. From finding a venue to developing a content strategy, video production companies will have in-house hires to take care of all your requirements. 



One of the most powerful functions of a film production company is professional editing that can direct the video in any way needed. Good editing can save even a bad take, by perfectly blending sound and motion to add expressive value to the video. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Knowing the techniques and theory of editing, paired with years of practice is essential to skillfully edit videos according to the client’s creative brief. It’s difficult to judge the effort put into editing while you’re watching a video, but you know it’s good editing when a connection is created between the film and its audience. 


Location Scouting

Film production involves a lot of small details that turn out to have a huge impact on the final video, and venue selection is one such detail. For all the clients who know no places but home, office, and that one pub down the road, having the guidance of a film production company in location scouting is a godsend. Such companies can use their experience and contacts to find locations that perfectly suit the scenes in the creative brief. The stress of selecting the venue, acquiring necessary permits, and arranging for transportation can all be avoided with the help of a film production company. 

When everybody works as a team the whole process of filmmaking can be a lot less daunting and way more successful. A film production company has the time and resources to perfect every step of the process to create videos that transform the client’s vision into reality. Feel free to contact Splento for all your video making needs.