The best videographer near me Hiring from the local talent pool


We know what you’re thinking, and no, this article will not send you on a wild goose chase all around your neighbourhood looking for a stranger with a video camera. (although a couple of decades ago that’s probably the only solution to finding a videographer near you). But thanks to digital advancements, you can now find a professional videographer in your vicinity within the comfort of your home. 


Search Engines

The fastest and simplest way of finding a videographer in your locality is to do a quick search of ‘videographers near me’ or ‘videographer’ + city name, on Google or your preferred search engine. Just like that, you’ve found a list of videographers near your location along with useful information such as their contact details, reviews and ratings, and website link with their work portfolio. All this can help you make quick and easy hiring decisions, in the time it takes to get off your couch. 


Social Media

Since you spend most of your leisure time on social media, you might as well get your work done there too. Social media is a great place to find raw, inexpensive talent near you. A simple hashtag search can show you plenty of results where you can watch sample work and connect with videographers to move forward. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great for discovering new talent, when you need to hire a videographer from the locality.


Personal Referrals

The most trustworthy source of finding a videographer is just a plain old ask – “Do you know any videographers near me?”. This simple question usually does the trick. Ask your friends and acquaintances if they’ve ever worked with any videographer worth recommending. This way there’s an assurance of their quality of work, plus you can find out bonus details like delivery time, videography rates, and get an honest review of their character.


Freelance Websites

There are several reliable freelance websites such as that list a range of videographers who specialise in every kind of filmmaking, to match any budget restrictions. If you’re not too keen on spending a lot to create your video, one option is to find a freelance videographer who is willing to work around your budget. But be warned – sourcing a quality videographer on some freelance sites can be a false economy – they carry some great talent, but often also some hopeful amateurs who like to make a little extra in their free time. Always take care to read independent reviews and view shoe showreels!


Business Directory

Remember the massive yellow book that took all of your physical strength as an 8-year-old, to drag into the waste bin? Well now instead of fanning through hundreds of pages, running your thumb down the alphabets, you can do a simple search via online business directories. The internet is full of business directories, some even targeted specifically at video production. It will be worthwhile to find a local business directory to get yourself a list of potential videographers. Clutch.co is a great place to start!


It’s clear that finding videographers near you isn’t a hassle, but choosing the right one can get tricky. Always make sure to read reviews, consider portfolios and enquire about all other details before fixing on your videographer. There is plenty of fish in the sea; all willing to shoot your video. This article only goes to show that if you want to narrow down your scope to the local pond – that’s fine too!


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