Video production for your LinkedIn account Leverage the power of video on your profile


LinkedIn is arguably one of the most important platforms to express your professional capacity or your brand’s capability. So not using your account to the fullest extent can result in getting lost among the thousands of mediocre accounts. Limiting your account to only text and images is the most common mistake of professionals. In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a good impression for either potential employers (if you’re an individual) or potential clients (if you’re a company), you’ve got to harness the power of video on LinkedIn. 


Why use video on LinkedIn?

While social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are full of video content, LinkedIn lacks this visual creativity. So the use of video on LinkedIn can easily make your profile eye-catching to others. Individuals are more likely to watch a short video than read a long-form post with just text. Using videos can help your content reach the top of a person’s feed and thus has a wider reach in the professional world.


Videos on LinkedIn for working professionals

If you’ve faced the brunt of the pandemic, and are currently looking for employment, the best way to set yourself apart from the ocean of applicants is to create a video resume for your profile. In the video resume, you can introduce yourself, include past accomplishments, and express your confidence and enthusiasm. This creative approach to job hunting is proving to be more likely to get a response than just a written resume. 

Even if you’re currently employed, the benefits of using video for your account are plenty. Including a video in the summary, education and experience sections are a way to add credibility to your profile and give your peers a better sense of who you are. You can also post any updates that you normally would, in video format so that it stands out on everyone’s feed.


Videos on LinkedIn for businesses

Bring your business LinkedIn page to life and add visual appeal to your posts with video marketing. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always a way to incorporate video to LinkedIn. The easiest use of video on LinkedIn is to tell a story about your business – how it started, what it does, etc. This should help create brand awareness and helps clients understand the purpose of your brand. 

You can also use LinkedIn to promote your products. Post tutorials or demonstration videos of your products to share knowledge as well as get a discussion going. Share product launch details in the form of a teaser to get people curious and excited about it. Other uses for brands are adding testimonial videos, clips from interviews, recruitment videos or snippets of company events. Don’t let your brand drown in text; use visual content to rise above the rest and make a mark. 


Most of the professionals on LinkedIn don’t have more than a minute to spare on a post, so make sure to keep your videos short and engaging, and always start with the most relevant information. Also, optimize the video for mobile viewing and add subtitles so that people can view with convenience.  

2020 has been hard on both employees and employers alike, so we’re glad there’s one more tool to make things easier for both. Videos on LinkedIn are a great opportunity to drive results for businesses as well as help employees create a professional network. As a video production company, we are always happy to see digital platforms encouraging the use of video content. 

So get yourself ahead of the crowd and add video to your LinkedIn profile – today! 


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