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If you’ve got access to the internet, chances are you’re probably on Facebook. If you’re one of the 2.7 billion users of Facebook, you’ve probably already been entranced by video adverts. Let’s be honest, we’d all rather watch adorable little babies running in their diapers than read an informative blog on diapers. More and more brands are realizing the potential of video ads on Facebook, and are joining this video trend to post more visual content on their pages. 


What are Facebook ads?

Just as you no doubt already know, Facebook ads are Facebook advertisements in the form of video content. So instead of advertising written or photographic content, brands can now work with videographers to create visual adverts to sell to customers over Facebook. Using this feature, you’ll be able to add a description and thumbnail, as well as control the budget and the audience who will be able to see the advertisement. Facebook ads are a great way to get more website traffic and to promote your brand to targeted customers. 


Best Tips for your Facebook adverts

1. Make short and engaging videos

Although Facebook allows advertisements for up to 2 hours, the chances of someone watching such ads are next to zero. Most people would rather go through a thousand memes than sit through one long video, so be sure to make your Facebook ad short, eye-catching and interesting to watch. Remember, you’re only a swipe away from being forgotten. Be entertaining – after all, this is why people are on Facebook in the first place – to be entertained.


2. Use CPM bidding

The presence of dogs walking ropes, and remixes of the President’s speech can be a pretty distractive environment for a user. So make sure you bid by cost-per-impression (CPM) to be eligible for autoplay. This way when your busy customers scroll down Facebook at lightning speed, your video advert will definitely stand a chance. 


3. Add subtitles

As odd as it sounds (or doesn’t), a lot of Facebook users view videos without the audio. Whether you’re killing time at the dentist’s or on the train back home, some scenarios don’t allow for turning up the volume. In these situations people simply view videos without the sound, so you can either make your video visually stunning enough to capture their attention, or add subtitles so that they don’t have to squint unusually at their phones attempting to lip read. 


4. Know your audience

The beauty of Facebook ads is that it allows you – the brand – to control its intended audience. Don’t sell to the entire world; sell to your world. Explore the options under Facebook demographics to see which audience is more likely to react to your advertisements. For example, if you’re selling cosmetics a majority of your clientele will be women so you can set your audience to reach the female audience and exclude men.


Once you’ve got your Facebook ad created and posted, you can sit back and watch as the numbers rise. What’s important is for you to analyse the advert statistics and determine if the content is working for your brand. If a majority of users are watching the video, clicking on the ad link but leaving the website without buying your product, maybe your ad is misleading for the audience in some manner.  

Forget television advertisements, Facebook ads are the new norm when it comes to video marketing. Create, share and analyse your advertisements using Facebook ads to convert more viewers into customers. 

Maybe it’s the extensive network on Facebook or the advert interface, or just simply all the secret listening in, but the bottom line is that Facebook ads work wonders, and if you’re a business – every second you delay Facebook ads is money lost. 

Need more detail about the cost-effectiveness of social media marketing?

Learn how to measure the ROI of your brand videos or even how to maximise your social media impact once you have decided that Facebook ads are for you.


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