Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools In 2020


The real estate industry has witnessed many changes due to newer technologies that have been developed and introduced to the center stage. One of the aspects that have been greatly impacted by the latest technology developments in marketing. 

There are major developments you should follow up on implementing in your real estate business. Here is a list of the top 5 tools you should use to market the real estate business you’re managing.


Zillow incurs traffic of more than 160 million people monthly and most of the people who use the platform are seeking professional advice. It could be advice on buying a home for the first time or selling off some property. Either way, you can harness Zillow to work for your playbook designed to get more leads that will later qualify and convert. The first step in using the platform is ensuring that the branding of the business is up to standard. 

That is to make sure customers build a positive outlook on the business and perceive it as professional. To dot every “i” and cross each “t” when branding the real estate business, research, and read the best books about branding. Once the branding has been sorted out, you can then start building a presence on Zillow. 

Do not perceive this channel as a competitor, instead use it to propel your real estate business to grow. Using the platform, you can make property listings on both rentals and home sales. 

A digital marketing expert at an assignment help service says that there is also an option of promoting the business through paid advertisements. You can exercise this option if you’d like to generate awareness. Being listed on Zillow can also help customers familiarize themselves with you when they scroll through the list of local real estate businesses.


Splento is a service you should definitely have in your real-estate marketing plans. If you would like to have visually aesthetic images for any property you’re selling, Splento offers you a wonderful service. The photography and videography services are absolutely high-quality and trusted by some of the best names in the industry.

What makes Splento a special tool is that you can also get 3D 360° virtual tours. Using Splento can boost your marketing to a great extent. That is because you can arrange virtual viewings and even get floorplans done for interested potential customers. 

You can also get aerial photography for any property you’re marketing for sale. The technology used to create these 3D virtual tours is incredibly cutting-edge. Using Splento will definitely make a huge difference in the marketing strategy you have designed for the real-estate business you are managing as a owner or marketer.

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Hubspot CRM + Sales Hub

Hubspot CRM + Sales Hub is a comprehensive tool that can bring you a step closer to building meaningful relationships with customers and potential clients. The tool is an absolute dashboard to manage relationships with customers and to use their sales hub also is a great idea. What are some of the most effective features that can help with marketing a real estate business? 

With Hubspot CRM, you can create and monitor clear sales pipelines and get in-depth reports on how it has been performing. The reports provide a scope of what has been achieved, the sales volumes, and customer sentiments. These can be used to ensure that the real estate business stays operational and helps identify any inconsistencies proactively. Hubspot also has a deal tracking feature. 

According to Jimmy Taylor, an online marketing specialist for an assignment writing service, this comes in pretty handy when you are managing several deals simultaneously. You can monitor the progress of each deal and have the ability to multitask without confusing the deals you’re working on. The entire sales team will be empowered by Hubspot because of all other available features, especially on its premium version.

A lot of tasks will be off the shoulders of your sales team and will be taken care of by the tool. That minimizes paperwork, promotes productivity and efficiency in a business. Investing in a tool of this kind is an investment you won’t regret.


RealScout is an amazing tool with a variety of features to empower real estate businesses through lead nurturing and an interactive home scouting system. A wonderful feature entailed by RealScout is using a wide range of parameters to refine searches and recommendations made to customers. 

Using big data analytics and AI, the tool can come up with highly filtered results that satisfy customers. You can take advantage of this tool to find and market homes that are in demand. Also, the tool allows real estate businesses to personalize marketing content sent through email marketing. 

You can send personalized recommendations from RealScout directly to customers. The customers won’t know that it is from this tool because it will all be sent under your name and email address. Also, listing alerts are sent automatically using AI and natural language processing. Thus, each email sounds as if it were sent by yourself. Some of the parameters used to refine and filter recommendations include:

  • Certain fixtures in the house (e.g., high ceilings)
  • Location
  • Number of bedrooms

The entire list of parameters includes 400 criteria that filter each recommendation to ensure that your emails are highly personalized. That portrays an image of having a deep understanding of each customer you are dealing with. Subsequently, strong relationships can be formed with such customers.

Google My Business 

Google My Business is an invaluable tool for businesses across almost every industry that exists. You can structure a custom strategy based on the needs of your business. There is a variety of versatile features to explore on GMB. One of them is Google listings that enable comments and reviews. 

It is one of the most important features to have in a digital marketing strategy. You can use this to your advantage by enabling reviews for customers to review and rank the service they received. Using GMB can also help you pop up on Google Maps and other platforms developed by this company. 

As a real estate business owner or marketer, you can use Google posts to drive more traffic to the website. You can use relevant snippet copy to market houses that are on show and available for viewing. Another feature that you can exercise is creating an FAQ section. This can help customers interested in selling or buying a house get all the information they need. 

They can post questions and you can provide answers backed by current trends and your industry experience. There are many other features to explore on Google My Business that can be innovatively integrated with the marketing strategy you are running.

The bottom line

Real estate businesses should try by all means to ensure that their marketing strategy is up to standard. They can do so by implementing tools that improve marketing tactics specifically for real estate businesses. Using platforms like Zillow can help businesses reach their targeted goals. Using CRM software and automation tools, you can understand customers better and personalize content for them. Do not forget to implement a powerful tool like Google My Business to handle your marketing strategy better.


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