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Just because the world is stuck at home, doesn’t mean your property sales should be affected. With video tours of properties, realtors can now recreate viewings so that you don’t have to physically be at the place. If you’re planning on shooting your listing, here are some tips to perfect your tour video. 

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1. Introduce yourself

Start the tour with an introduction of yourself to add a human touch to what is essentially- your sales pitch. Show your potential buyers you’re approachable and professional so that they feel comfortable coming back to you with questions later. 

2. Use a tripod

Nobody likes viewing a shaky and disorienting video; it’s a viewing, not a carnival ride. Ensure you use a tripod so that the mobility is stable and viewers can have a clean and clear view of the house.

3. Keep your video short

With hundreds of property videos to watch, no buyer is going to spend more than five minutes watching a video tour, unless you’ve gone Steven Spielberg on it. Only include key and engaging information so as to not lose your audience’s attention.

4. Stage the property

A video tour is a great way to show buyers the property at its prime. Make sure you declutter, tidy up, rent some furniture (if needed) and shoot the property to look its absolute best. Don’t overdo the staging to avoid deceiving your buyers.

5. Avoid mirrors 

When the video tour is focused on the house, it’s unprofessional for you or even the camera to show up in a reflection. Try to avoid reflective surfaces and even watch out for your shadow being captured on the video tour. 

6. Good lighting is key

You no longer have to worry about showcasing a house after dark. With the help of video tours, you get to decide what lighting the house is seen in. You can choose to go with natural lighting with the drapes wide open or even go with light fixtures to set an ambient tone. 

7. Leverage 360 virtual tours

360 virtual tours have become all the rage in the real estate industry as it gives buyers an interactive tour of the house without the hassle of going down there. It might be intimidating to venture into new technology so check out this guide on how to make a 360 tour video to get started.

8. Use wide-angle lens

Space is a big selling point when it comes to real estate, so always use a wide-angle lens to capture how spacious the rooms of a property are. These lenses will help a room look big and open, but will also manage to fit the entire space into one quick shot. 

9. Include your phone number

It might be a good idea to add your contact number right on the video so that the viewer can immediately pick up their phone and call you right away. Always add your contact details in the description as well so that there are multiple channels to contact you.

10. Community-based videos

Go beyond just the property and sell the locality just as well as the house. Highlight the benefits of living in that city or neighbourhood, so that buyers know what kind of lifestyle they’re buying into.


It might sound easy to make a property video for your listings, but perfecting it takes a bit of extra attention and effort. At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of the property tour.


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