Is a 360 virtual tour better than a video? Knowing what’s best for your property business


Real estate agents are often confused with what marketing strategies to adopt for their business, and with all the options out there, the job only gets trickier. One of the most common questions is regarding which is better for selling property – 360 virtual tours or just plain old walkthrough videos? To understand which one could be better for your business, it’s crucial to know the difference between both. 

While a regular video is a simple visual capture of the property, a 360 virtual tour allows the user to rotate and view the property in any direction. Videos are great storytellers but will dictate what viewers can and cannot see, but virtual tours allow buyers to see every small aspect of the house on their own accord. Videos are often more affordable when compared to virtual tours as the latter requires special equipment and software. The ease of usage is another consideration – everybody knows how to use video but not everyone may be well-versed with how to navigate through a 360 virtual tour. While videos send out the message of “see this house”, virtual tours say “experience this house”. Does this necessarily make one better than the other?  

First, it’s important to consider the expense of making both kinds of videos. The 360 virtual tours are usually more expensive than a regular video and will require professional expertise to create a high-quality output, whereas a regular video can be shot at a very low cost even (although not ideally) by the realtor themselves.


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But obviously, there are perks to dishing out extra cash. 360 virtual tours can allow far off buyers to get a sense of the property before deciding to book an in-person video. This saves both time and effort for the realtor as well as the buyer. This has become even more pertinent during 2020 and the multiple restrictions on movement that have almost arbitrarily been imposed.

While virtual videos give viewers the opportunity of seeing every small detail in the house, exploring every room in the house, videos can be biased and can be used to hide facilities you don’t want buyers to focus on. The interactivity offered by 360 virtual tours is a key advantage for potential buyers, unless offering such transparency is not desired for some reason. 

If shooting your own videos, then 360 virtual tour videos are often only profitable when selling premium property. Alternatively, the fast-reducing costs of outsourcing these services means that even a regular home can now benefit from this amazing new technology.

Another difference is that while most of the world is used to regular video, 360 virtual tours are relatively new. It may be possible that some of your customers are more comfortable with a video walkthrough – in fact, they must have recently made their peace with the switch from real life to digital. Since everybody knows how videos work, some may prefer this. Know your audience and what form of video they’d prefer. Needless to say, if you’re selling a house in Silicon Valley, don’t bother with just video. 


Overall, it all comes down to your objective and budget, as a real estate agent. The best course of action is often to start off with a great quality video, and later move up to the world of virtual reality. The greatest marketing strategy for a realtor includes the perfect mix of photographs, videos and virtual tours.

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