How to make a viral video Catching the wave of popularity with your video


Ever since ‘Charlie bit my finger’ everyone loves the idea of their video going ‘viral’, but very few understand what it takes to make a viral video. Wouldn’t you love to know how? The bitter truth is that there is no secret recipe that goes into creating a viral video. If there was, every company in the world would have a dedicated marketing wing just for viral content. 

In the past, plenty of video makers had a stroke of luck and enjoyed their 5 minutes of fame – or rather, 5 million views of fame. Fortunately for you, we’ve created our own recipe to create compelling visual content that could go viral so that you don’t have to leave it up to luck. 


What is a Viral Video?

As the name suggests, viral videos are infectious in nature and spread rapidly among a large population. Except, viral videos don’t carry the negative connotation generally linked with a virus. 

If you’re a brand looking for a low-budget production to build your company, viral videos could be your answer as they don’t require high-resolution cameras or destination shoot locations. A simple video camera and a good story should do the trick. As these videos get millions of views, the brand that releases it is bound to gain a lot of traction.


How to make your video go viral

Keep the message simple

When viewers scroll through content, they often want easy and clear, unchallenging content. Videos with a succinct message, without ten plot-twists and twenty theme mixes are usually the ones that go viral. Before you start shooting your video, decide on what the goal is and work on getting that one idea across to your viewers. 


Catchy headline

No one’s got a clue about what a video is about until they click on it. So your job as a marketer is to create a headline worth clicking. You need a headline that creates the right amount of curiosity and intrigue, that makes individuals want to find out more. But your headline should not be clickbait, or it will have an entirely opposite effect. Using phrases like “Will make you…” and “Find out…” can tease a reactive click from your potential viewers. 


Optimize your content format

While making a video you’ve got to consider where your viewers are going to consume the content. Since most viral videos gain popularity on social media platforms, and these platforms are often used on mobile phones, it’s important to optimize your video for mobile users. 


Make your video short

If you take a look at the videos that went viral over the years, they all have one thing in common – they’re all short. With the number of videos on the internet, it’s clear that our attention is in high demand. Only short and interesting videos can win over our time, so don’t even bother with a 10-minute video on ‘Top 10 ways to defrost peas’. 


None of it matters if your video isn’t good

We’re going to tell you right now, that even if you managed to summon a genie and wished for a viral video, it would not work unless you’ve created interesting content. A million people will not want to watch a video that’s just bad. 


Keeping these tips in mind while making your video can give you a solid shot at going viral on the internet. At Splento, we know the importance of creating short and engaging videos that can spread like virtual wildfire. So if you’re interested in making one for your brand, be sure to contact us today. 


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