Creative video productions for social media Why you need innovative video marketing for your page


Video production has taken over the internet and has become one of the most common sights on social media platforms. It has become a key component of how companies market themselves online. The problem is that as more companies get on board with the idea of video marketing on social media, the more likely your video is to get lost in amongst the rest of the drab content. What you need is creative video productions for your social media that make your content pop from the rest of the grey. 

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Why produce creative social media videos?

For the longest time, companies used photographic material on social media to promote their brand until the advent of video. Nobody wants to be stuck on motionless images when they can enjoy the visual and auditory pleasure that video provides. So now that video is here to stay, everyone wants a piece of the action. 

As social media platforms get flooded with video productions, if you want to stand out you’re going to need much more than simple product shots with features in text format. You’re going to have to create video content that makes people stop in the middle of their daily swiping routine and actually watch the video. Allow yourself to take creative risks and experiment with your video; the payoff could be colossal in the future. 


Creative video production ideas for social media

Showcase your team

Every company has a mix of vibrant personalities and using these employees in your video can generate way more interest than a run-of-the-mill brand video. A fun and friendly video of your team can go a long way in establishing a relationship between the customers and your brand. It can be as simple as filming your team brainstorming, casually using the products, or even competing in a corporate Hunger Games adventure, and then let the video do the rest of the work.


Try animation

While most companies choose the path more commonly taken – live footage – others use less conventional formats of videos like animation or stop motion. The beauty of such videos is that you can portray any idea; only your imagination is your limit. Some incredibly creative videos can be made for your social media page using these fun techniques to catch the attention of your viewers and give them an interesting watch.


Celebrity endorsements

It’s no secret that celebrities dominate social media, so why not leverage them to get your brand ahead? Celebrity interactions tend to do very well on social media, especially with celebrities who your target audience can relate to. Customers might hate promotional videos and advertisements, but a video with their favourite celeb is something anyone would enjoy watching.


Behind the scenes video

If you’ve got anything cool brewing behind the curtains, let your social media audience have a peek as well. The inherent curiosity within everyone will make behind the scene videos an instant hit on social media. Capture authentic day-to-day activities that could pique interest and lead to improved levels of engagement on social media platforms. 

The best way to get viewers to want to watch your social media video productions is to step up your creative game and produce videos that are seen as relevant and valuable content. Want to learn more about video productions for your social media? Check out our guide on social media video production in London – full of tips to help you be a master of video marketing. 

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