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Unlike regular videos, social media videos don’t have any specific instructions when it comes to creating them. Social media video production in London (indeed, anywhere) is a dark art to many – an unknown that seems to have mysterious unwritten rules. Most people are constantly experimenting to see what works for their audience and what doesn’t. Whether you’re trying to build your brand or your personal image, releasing video content on social media can be a powerful tool to help you out. 

You may be a popular company, a sponsored vlogger, or even a private account, but if you’re not posting videos on social media you’re missing out on a wide audience who find visual content the best way to consume information (and that is most of them).  

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating videos for social media is that social media videos are usually discovered and not specifically searched for. So you need to catch your audience’s attention right from the start, through interesting and engaging content so that they keep coming back for more. 

Brands often use videos on social media to engage with a larger audience that is different from their usual audience. As a company, it is important to keep in mind that social media isn’t the place to post your TV advertisement or any other video you created for a different purpose. Different platforms have different viewers who seek specific topics in specific formats. So as annoying as it may be to create different content for your many channels, it’s important to do so to maximise engagement. 

For vloggers, however, things get easier as they often shoot their own social videos with basic equipment. As most vloggers have a chosen channel of communication, their content can be more or less the same, considering the majority of their followers will be on one platform. 


Shooting your social media video in London


When it comes to social media video, viewers would much rather see the Big Ben in the backdrop than a random photo that came with the frame, hanging on your wall. With plenty of historical sites and hip new spots, brands flock to London to shoot their social media videos. 



Everyone knows what London weather is like – persistent and (largely) predictable. Due to its lack of weather extremities, London can have some great natural lighting for you to shoot. During the summer, the sun comes up at 4 am and sets at about 10 pm, so you’ve got plenty of golden hour opportunities to shoot your social media video.


Collaborate with celebrities

London is the home to lots of celebrities, and can therefore be a great place to collaborate with one for your social media page. Collaboration can bring new content to your audience, and expose you to your celebrity’s viewers as well. If you’re still in the starting phase of building your brand or page, collaborations can help to get your name around. 


Video production companies

The production industry in London is talented, experienced and high in demand. If you’re planning on hiring a video production company to shoot your social media video, you might as well go with the best option. You may have to expand your budget a little but your professional video can help you go a long way in building your brand. 

Here is a short example of a social media video post. In this instance, it is one that we shared through Splento’s social media channels for Christmas:

You may have created ground-breaking TV advertisements or even successfully pulled off a great PR campaign but in today’s world, the highest reach you can attain is on social media. If you’re not rolling out video content on social media, you’re missing your golden shot. 

Need help filming your social media videos? At Splento we’ve got some amazing videographers across London for any kind of filming you’d like to do. Traditional or experimental, they have it covered. Check out some amazing London videography talent today – and see your social media numbers soar. 

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