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The use of video has far-reaching effects in the modern world, which is why we’ve seen an escalation in demand for video services. Video production companies can serve this demand by creating valuable content for companies and individuals alike. The challenge arises when customers are spoilt for choice and can’t make out which production agency best suits their needs. With advertisements and paid endorsements, your vision may become a little hazy. To help you out of this dilemma we’ve compiled a list of websites that deliver credible and trustworthy reviews of video production companies-


When it comes to finding the best UK firms for any project, Clutch.co is everyone’s first choice. This independent review platform collects objective reviews by conducting in-depth interviews with clients regarding their interaction with the registered company. The website also categorizes companies based on geographic location and the industry segment. If you’re a business looking for the ideal video production partner, Clutch.co offers well-rated options to find your dream team.

Visual Objects

Visual Objects is a portfolio website that displays the works of creative companies across the world. The company is a sister website of Clutch.co that was created to specifically offer a visual guide and client reviews of top design, development, marketing and of course video production companies present globally. This B2B service showcases the portfolio of top creative agencies to aid the hiring decision of companies looking to outsource their creative functions. Using Visual Objects, companies can easily checkout ranks, past work, and client reviews of the top video production companies in their city to confidently choose a perfect match for themselves.


DesignRush acts as a guide for companies to find the best professional agencies to take over their projects. The website has analysed and ranked the top video production services so that you don’t have to go through the frustration of finding a good agency. Using DesignRush, the users can narrow down their search by filtering according to the area of expertise, reviews, prices, location, and portfolios. DesignRush also has a team of experts who can help you hire the best agency for free if you explain your project needs to them.


If you’re sceptical about trusting review sites, 99Firms is a completely transparent one that will help put your fears to bed. The website analyses and reviews agencies according to multiple criteria, and finally ranks them to make your choice easier. It’s transparent in that the lists of ranked agencies are usually followed by their research methodology and what factors they considered while reviewing the said agencies. The list is also followed by tips on how to pick the company that suits you best. When you’re looking for the best video production companies, search using filters like hourly rate, company size and minimum project size. 


G2 is a peer-to-peer review site where businesses can discover the services they need and later rate the service providers based on their performance. The website is often used by businesses, working professionals and analysts to select the best services based on user reviews. G2’s real-time, verified reviews can help you objectively choose services that are best for your business.  

A good review acts as a stamp of approval and can do wonders for a business. Our pick of the best review sites when it comes to video production should help ease the hiring process for you. With all the fish in the sea, these review sites will give you only the freshest picks. 


For an idea of criteria to consider when reviewing potential video production companies to hire, take a look at our review of 5 best video production companies. This lists some of the key criteria than may be important to you when it comes to choosing and hiring a videographer for your project.


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