A beginner’s guide to preparing voice-overs  The importance of voice-overs for videos


Voice-overs: Part 1 of 3

We are taking a closer look at voice-overs, with the intention of helping you plan, prepare and execute amazing voice-over work for your video productions.

As with everything video, it just doesn’t work if you simply fire up the camera and try to wing it. At best, the results will be a mess, and as a minimum will present an unnecessarily complicated challenge for your video editing team.

Voice-overs should be planned and scripted alongside the rest of the video production.

In three parts, we will take a look at the following:

      1. A beginner’s guide to preparing voice-overs (below)
      2. How to write great voice-over scripts
      3. Overcoming the key challenges of voice-overs

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1. A beginner’s guide to preparing voice-overs

Imagine you’re watching a breath-taking video of the Great Barrier Reef and all the mesmerizing marine life that lives within and you think this can’t possibly get any better. Then the voice of Morgan Freeman booms and suddenly you stand corrected. This is the exact impact that voice-overs can have on your video.

While most people are aware of what voice-overs are, only a few can seldom execute it right. The wrong voice, wrong tone or wrong script can send your video askew. If you’re a beginner, we have prepared a guide that will leave you with all the basics of voice-overs to get you started. 




Why use voice over for your video?

Voice overs are a great aid for videos as it doesn’t just tell what the video visually shows. It reveals details beyond what is seen and offers more than expected from the video. They complement the video’s message by creating a greater connection with the audience by stimulating their emotions or providing greater clarity. 

Voice overs can also be used to fill the gaps in a video to provide more context to what you see. This helps filmmakers convey information that simply may not be as effective when conveyed through video form. Voice overs aren’t meant to be sounds carried to the ears, but that to the eyes as well. 


How to create an effective voice over?

A good voice over should be able to emotionally communicate what the video is about and add details that aren’t obvious through the visual narrative. It can’t just describe exactly what’s happening on screen as it adds no additional value to your video.

A voice-over must have a specific reason to make its way to your video, otherwise, there’s simply no need for its existence. If a voice-over isn’t communicating the main idea of the video, you should probably drop that auditory element of the video

The impact that a voice over can have on the audience depends on how powerfully you script your voice over. If you’re looking for a shortcut to learning the ins and outs of voice over scripting, we’ve compiled the most effective tips to write a professional voice over script for your next video. 


Voiceover for beginners


How do you pick the right voice for your video?

You don’t need famous celebrities with deep, charming voices to do your voice overs. The right voice should be able to relate to your intended audience. For example, if your video is a children’s advertisement, you’ll want an artist who has an upbeat and bubbly voice to get kids excited about the product. 

You want to make sure that your choice of voice artist is able to capture the emotion and tone of the script. You want a voice over that can inspire and drive the emotional value, not a dull voice that puts the audience to sleep.


As the power of video content becomes more relevant in today’s world, more video makers are looking to make videos that are as effective as possible. This could sometimes mean incorporating additional elements such as voice-overs. 

Let your videos speak to your audience by really speaking to them. If you’re going to use voice-over in your video, you might as well do it right. The right voice overs can really go the extra mile to make your video stand out. 


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