Top 25 Fintech Startups Most innovative Fintech startups of 2021


The finance industry has progressively been attracting tech startups that can transform and change how individuals, as well as businesses, handle their finances. Things have changed a lot in the last couple of decades and Fintech startups have made the way we move money around a whole lot more convenient. 

When looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions for your finance and business needs, most of the answers can be found here. Whether you’re looking into optimal financial services or just plain interested in following the Fintech industry, here are some of the hottest Fintech companies to watch out for. 

Information in this list has been gathered from financial sources and is correct to our knowledge at the time of writing. Much of the data has come from Crunchbase and company websites, but there are many other sources of financial data available, such as WallStreetZen, who have gone to great lengths to create some truly amazing live data charts, forecasts and statistics on the markets.


Affirm is a new-age fintech startup that offers instalment loans to consumers for their purchases. It allows users to pay off their e-commerce purchases over a period of time so that they can buy today and pay months later. Using Affirm, you can buy anything from vacations to cars and just pay them off once your payday has arrived. Affirm aims to make consumer payments a breeze for those who do not have easy access to finances.


Founded: 2012 – San Francisco, USA

Jeffrey Kaditz, Max Levchin, Nathan Gettings

Total funding: $1.5b

Web: https://affirm.com/


Billtrust is an invoice management startup that focuses on making it easier for B2B companies to get paid on time. The tech company helps automate the invoice-to-payment process to ensure timely and convenient payment models can be set up. With the help of Billtrust, companies no longer have to worry about delayed payments or enforcing collection methods.


Founded: 2001 – New Jersey, USA

Flint Lane

Total funding: $115m

Web: https://billtrust.com/


ClearBank, as the name suggests, is a clearing bank that clears payment transactions quickly and effectively across major schemes in the UK using state-of-the-art technology. The bank also serves as a core banking platform to FCA or PRA authorised financial institutions. ClearBank aims to improve the clearing and agency banking experience through cutting-edge technological advancements.


Founded: 2014 – London, UK

Andrew Smith, Nick Ogden

Total funding: $85m

Web: https://www.clear.bank/


Coinbase is the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange and trades in more than 30 cryptocurrencies. This fintech company allows users to create bitcoin wallets, enabling them to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by connecting them with their bank accounts. If you’re looking to buy cryptocurrency with your money, Coinbase may be the perfect platform for you.


Founded: 2012 – San Francisco, USA

Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam

Total funding: $547.3m

Web: https://www.coinbase.com/


Doxo is an online bill payment service that allows users to make their bill payments from a single place. This fintech startup has more than 50,000 payable billers in their system that makes it easy and convenient for individuals to pay all their bills using Doxo’s secure platform. The app even notifies you to remind you of your payments so that you don’t fall behind on your bills.


Founded: 2008 – Seattle, USA

Mark Goris, Roger Parks, Steve Shivers

Total funding: $18.8m

Web: https://www.doxo.com/


Habito is the world’s first digital mortgage broker as their technology can analyse various mortgage options to find the right one for each of their customers. This makes finding a mortgage quick, simple and seamless giving you one less thing to worry about. Using Habito, customers can compare options, apply for them, and track the progress of their mortgages.


Founded: 2014 – London, UK

Daniel Hegarty

Total funding: $82.3m

Web: https://www.habito.com/


Insto offers a platform that can facilitate simple peer-to-peer payments instalment plans and other similar services. This allows users to set up an automated billing schedule for others to pay on a regular basis. The app will automatically process each payment as decided by both parties, periodically.


Founded: 2013 – San Jose, USA

Bruce Chen

Total funding: $2m

Web: https://ins.to/


iwoca offers short term loans to fund small businesses ranging from £1,000 – £200,000 up to 6 months. This is a fast and easy source of finance for small businesses and most often, they use these funds to bridge short-term cash flow gaps or to invest in stock options. Their biggest advantage is their technology that can quickly and fairly assess the risk of a small business applying for a loan.


Founded: 2011 – London, UK

Christoph Rieche, James Dear

Total funding: $605.5m

Web: https://www.iwoca.com/


Jiedaibao is a Chinese marketplace that facilitates peer-to-peer lending. This fintech startup provides an online platform where individuals as well as businesses can borrow and lend money to each other. They help decide on an interest rate, write up contracts, and also notify the users when it’s time for repayment. With Jiedaibao, peer-to-peer borrowing has never been easier.


Founded: 2014 – Beijing, China

Total funding: CN¥4.5B

Web: https://www.jiedaibao.com/


Klarna can make your shopping experience and payments easier and more convenient by setting up a ‘buy now, pay later’ system. This Swedish startup allows customers to pay for their purchases at a later date similar to a short debt scheme. Shoppers who opt for Klarna’s service have 14-30 days varying from retailer to retailer, to pay for their online order. Klarna is a huge godsend for cash-strapped shopaholics who just can’t wait for payday.


Founded: 2005 – Stockholm, Sweden

Niklas Adalberth, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Victor Jacobsson

Total funding: $3.1b

Web: https://www.klarna.com/


LendInvest is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace for property financing and investing. Individuals as well as institutional investors can invest in property-backed loans through this platform. Investors are required to have at least £5,000 in their online wallet, with a minimum investment of £100 required for each investment opportunity.


Founded: 2008 – London, UK

Christian Faes, Ian Thomas

Total funding: $2b

Web: https://www.lendinvest.com/

Molo Finance

Molo Finance is the first digital mortgage lender that serves directly to the consumer. This revolutionary fintech startup has completely redesigned the process of receiving a mortgage so that it is significantly easier for individuals. Using Molo, customers can get immediate loans approvals online without the hassle of numerous complex procedures. Since Molo handles the lending directly, there are no intermediaries or external decision-makers involved in the process.


Founded: 2016 – London, UK

Francesca Carlesi, Leo Grünstein

Total funding: $270.3m

Web: https://molofinance.com/


Monzo is a UK based online bank that offers current accounts and money management features that function digitally. Monzo offers its customers current accounts and a debit card with no fees. Since the startup is a digital bank, there’s no need for account holders to visit the bank for any reason, and can complete all transactions using their smartphones. Since its inception, Monzo has gone on to offer overdrafts, joint accounts, third-party app integration and now loans.


Founded: 2015 – London, UK

Gary Dolman, Jason Bates, Jonas Huckestein, Paul Rippon, Tom Blomfield

Total funding: $434.7m

Web: https://www.monzo.com/


Nutmeg is a fintech startup that aims to instil a sense of financial responsibility in its customers. This wealth management company has a team of expert advisors that help investors to build global portfolios through Nutmeg’s online investment platform. Nutmeg’s team of experts will build a portfolio based on the investment goals and desired investment style of their clients.


Founded: 2011 – London, UK

Nick Hungerford, William Todd

Total funding: $153.6m

Web: https://www.nutmeg.com/

OakNorth Bank

OakNorth Bank is a UK-based bank that provides debt financing for small and medium scale businesses. The startup also offers business saving, deposit, personal savings, and revolving credit facilities. OakNorth Bank lets all their potential borrowers attend credit committees where they can discuss their growth plans and funding requirements, to persuade the decision-makers.


Founded: 2015 – London, UK

Rishi Khosla, Joel Perlman

Total funding: nk

Web: https://www.oaknorth.co.uk/


PolicyBazaar is an Indian insurance aggregator that allows users to compare various health insurance, car insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance policies based on a range of factors such as price and prime benefits. This enables customers to buy insurance without the hassle of insurance hunting. Users of PolicyBazaar can research, compare and buy insurance policies from over 40 insurance providers.


Founded: 2008 – Gurgaon, India

Alok Bansal, Avaneesh Nirjar, Manoj Sharma, Tarun Mathur, Yashish Dahiya

Total funding: $766.6m

Web: https://policybazaar.com/

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance is a digital platform that offers specialised services for higher education in the form of loans and refinancing. It primarily helps international postgraduate students secure loans to study abroad. One of the biggest benefits of securing a Prodigy Finance loan to fund your education is that neither collateral nor co-signers are required. Their credit model assesses applicants based on their future potential to earn rather than their past credit history.

Prodigy Finance

Founded: 2007 – London, UK

Cameron Stevens, Ryan Steele

Total funding: $1.3b

Web: https://www.prodigyfinance.com/

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a cloud-based software that can make the lives of accountants way easier. Using this software, an accountant no longer has to collect receipts and manually enter them into a spreadsheet. They can just ask their clients to send over their receipts and the software will automatically extract the relevant data. Receipt Bank’s technology is used by over 5,000 bookkeeping and accounting firms across the world.


Founded: 2010 – London, UK

Alexis Prenn, Michael Wood

Total funding: $138m

Web: https://www.receipt-bank.com/


Revolut is a digital bank that offers a range of financial services through its app. The success of such fintech companies often hinges on advanced fintech software development, which enables them to offer innovative and user-friendly financial solutions. The startup offers pre-paid debit cards, currency exchange, and peer-to-peer payments, and also allows customers to pay and withdraw money in more than 120 currencies. Revolut also has budgeting tools where you can set monthly spending budgets and open saving ‘Vaults’ that store money regularly, once salary has been earned. As the fintech sector evolves, robust fintech customer support becomes crucial for maintaining client trust and managing complex financial inquiries.


Founded: 2014 – London, UK

Nikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko

Total funding: $905.5m

Web: https://www.revolut.com/


Robinhood has been in the press recently – on the radar ever since the GameStop fiasco. This fintech startup offers commission-free trades of stocks. Their goal is to simplify the process of trading so that all individuals can participate in stock trading without worrying about the additional expenses involved. Their business model is based on the interest earned from customer’s balances and margin lending.


Founded: 2013 – Menlo Park, USA

Baiju Bhatt, Vlad Tenev

Total funding: $5.6b

Web: https://www.robinhood.com/

Salary Finance

Salary Finance provides financial support to employees while educating and building good financial management habits. The startup helps employees manage their debt, develop a good financial sense, and gain access to earned pay rather than turning to payday lenders. The services are salary linked so that the options chosen are put into effect even before it reaches the employee’s bank account.

Salary Finance

Founded: 2015 – London, UK

Asesh Sarkar, Dan Cobley, Daniel Shakhani

Total funding: $138.8m

Web: https://www.salaryfinance.com/


SoFi or Social Finance is a fintech startup that provides a range of financial management services to help individuals borrow, spend, save and invest their money the right way. SoFi offers people the opportunity to refinance a number of debts including student and personal loans, mortgages, and MBA loans.


Founded: 2011 – San Francisco, USA

Daniel Macklin, Ian Brady, James Finnigan, Michael Cagney

Total funding: $2.9b

Web: https://www.sofi.com/


Stripe provides necessary financial software services for businesses to handle all their e-commerce transactions. They offer security and customer support for all electronic payments made to these businesses. Stripe is popular for its sophisticated technology, flexible APIs, and transparent, fixed-rate fees. Stripe can also process over a hundred different foreign currencies and converts them at no additional charge. If you’re an online business, you should be taking advantage of everything that Stripe has to offer.


Founded: 2010 – San Francisco, USA

John Collison, Patrick Collison

Total funding: $2.2b

Web: https://stripe.com/


Tandem is a digital bank that offers its users banking and money management services. Customers can view all their money in one place and access their transactions without logging into multiple accounts. Tandem’s biggest competitive advantage is its connection with most major banks, that their competitors haven’t caught up to yet.


Founded: 2015 – London, UK

Matt Cooper, Michael Kent, Ricky Knox

Total funding: $134.3m

Web: https://www.tandem.co.uk/


Previously known as TransferWise, Wise is an international money transfer service that can transfer at low costs. This transfer service undercuts most standard bank fees by providing an inexpensive fee structure that individuals and businesses can opt for. While Wise is considered a digital payments company like PayPal, its main aim is to make international payments more accessible and affordable. With the advent of its new name, it is starting to increase its traditional banking services – extending out from just transfers.

Founded: 2011 – London, UK

Kristo Kaarmann, Taavet Hinrikus

Total funding: $1.1b

Web: https://wise.com/


This business loan marketplace platform is a capable purveyor of a range of lending products, and can help up and coming companies with filing an SBA 7(a) loan application, among other things. With over 300,000 loans funded for its users, it is already a success story, and is breeding further success as a result.

Founded: 2011 – South Jordan, USA

Brock Blake and Trent Miskin

Total Funded: +$12 billion

Web: https://www.lendio.com/


The list above includes startups whose aim is to help improve – and even disrupt – the Fintech industry.

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