6 different property video styles for 2020 How to not make all your property videos look identical.


Video is an amazing marketing asset for real estate, but it’s important to understand that there are many different property video styles that you can use.

As 2020 has turned out to be one of the more – unusual – years of recent times, then it has become even more important to stand head and shoulders above the competition in all types of business. Real estate is no different.

We have seen elsewhere that video is crucial to marketing success in 2020, but here we look a little deeper at some different styles of property marketing video.

Once you get your creative hat on, then the sky is the limit and you’ll discover another dozen – this list is just to get you started.

Which is best for what situation will depend on several factors; we suggest you just sit back and enjoy the brief shows below, as we know that in them, you’ll find inspiration.

So, without further ado, let’s lift the curtain and look at 5 different property video styles for 2020 (and beyond).


1. The slideshow compilation

This is not a video film per se, but rather a moving presentation of still images edited together with a great soundtrack, maps and titles to convey the most important details. Eye catching, memorable and punchy, done right and they draw attention:


2. The short ad property video

Ideal for social media ads and pop-up features, the 30-second overview is just the right length to grab attention and show enough to pique interest. A quick fly-through, appropriate music and you’ve got yourself some internet interest:


3. Drone aerial footage

While not suitable for every property, drones are fast becoming an amazing tool for the right locations. They can show off large outdoor areas and other surrounding features, as well as being great for location establishing shots. Here’s a property where the drone is put to great use:


4. The full overview

Usually between three and four minutes long, the full overview is a more detailed look and is the opportunity to showcase all the benefits of a location as well as the property itself. This is designed to highlight all the benefits and spark the interest in the buyer so that they want to book a physical viewing:


5. The 3D Walkthrough

Using the latest photo/video technology, Matterport viewings are actual 3D walkthroughs of a property that can be described as VideoPlus. Here’s a brief introduction video which gives you a glimpse of what it can achieve:


6. A novel approach.

We’d be the first to say that humour needs to be used with care – but having said that, it’s still a great approach in the right context!

Here’s Karin Carr from Georgia Coast Homes proving that humour can make a great point – and a great introduction:

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