5 things to check before hiring a London videographer How to make the right choice


If you’re looking to hire a talented professional for your special day or even an upcoming project, your search will end in London. This ‘capital city of the world’ is home to the best and brightest videographers, who can create any type of video within any budget.  

Smartphones today come with very advanced cameras but cannot come close to what a professional videographer can do with their equipment. But before you go on to hire just any London videographer, here’s a couple of things to consider in order to move forward with your selected candidate.


Video Portfolio

Most London videographers have very impressive portfolios, including videos created for high-profile clients. But better safe than sorry – always have a good look at the videographer’s portfolio in order to help you ascertain the style and quality of their work. It’s a good idea to find a videographer who specialises in the kind of video you’re looking to create. Do you want a fun and bright video style? Or more subtle and classy? This is something to keep in mind when assessing the skills and showreels of your videographer.



If you navigate through a London videographer’s website or social media page, you’re bound to find their customer testimonials. This should give you some insight on the work ethics of the videographer you’re looking to hire. Reviews and ratings on third party websites also shine a light on how previous clients felt about the videographer’s professional capabilities.



You may have ground-breaking visions for your video project, so it’s important to make sure your videographer can keep up. Your creative brief should give an idea of what kind of equipment is needed to capture the video. Sometimes multiple angles may be required which means more cameras or the natural lighting of the venue may be poor so light fixtures will be required. Cameras, lights, and sound are all essential to shooting a video, so ensure your videographer can back up their talent with appropriate equipment.

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Video camera in London


The best part of hiring a videographer from a city as varied as London is that you get your pick of the lot when it comes to prices. The cost of hiring a videographer depends on multiple aspects, but if you search well enough you can always find one within your price range. Some freelancers starting out might even volunteer to do it for free, just for the exposure. But remember, that if the ask of a videographer is too low, they might be compromising on quality to keep the costs at bay. If you’re interested in the costs of hiring a London videographer; follow this link to read more detail about the cost of hiring a London videographer. 



In the end, it all comes down to one question – is your videographer available on the day of the shoot? London videographers are high in demand and get booked up months in advance. If you’ve found your ideal videographer, before setting yourself up for failure, enquire about their availability. If the dates are flexible, state your preferences and see if they’re available on any of those days.


A perfect video is like a gift that keeps on giving if it’s shot by a skilled videographer. The actual act of filming the video may not lie on your shoulders, but the choice of videographer does. And picking the wrong videographer is a mistake that could haunt you every time you watch that video. If you’re looking for a London videographer, Splento can guarantee you their trademark first class quality, each time – every time. Contact us for more information on hiring a videographer in London.


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