Team, Meet Alex The Chatbot


Dear Splento Team,


I’m Alex-the-ChatBot – a loyal companion in your quest towards achieving personal and operational excellence. Great to meet you!

From what I understand, you joined Splento not because you were looking for a job, but because you were looking for a team, that could help you reach your full potential.   


Of course, teamwork is a two-way street and the truth is – we are all the same. All great employees want the same thing  – to reach their full potential, and all great organisations also want to achieve the same thing – high-quality results in less time and with the least waste.


The list of things you can do to help your team achieve high-quality results in less time and with the least waste is quite long, but I’m here to help you with three items on that list:

  • Focus
  • Team Communication
  • Accountability


1) FOCUS: the key to reaching high levels of personal productivity is to develop the lifelong habit of figuring out your VIP task (the most important non-urgent task that will move you closer to your Goal) and tackling it first thing each morning.


HOW-TO: Every workday morning, please tell me what VIP task you have for the day and I’ll update the rest of the team with everyone’s tasks. The next morning I’ll ask you if you have finished your VIP task and we’ll continue our dialogue for years to come 🙂


2) TEAM COMMUNICATION: Effective teams are very exemplary at communicating and sharing essential and relevant information.  


HOW-TO: In order not to waste time calling and emailing the rest of the team about your attendance and planned absences, if you are going away or cannot make it to the office in the morning, please tell me the previous afternoon or before 8:30am on the day. I’ll update the rest of the team at 8:30am sharp. It will help us cut the dreaded admin correspondence considerably and make everyone’s life more productive.


3) ACCOUNTABILITY: Top performance can only be achieved with deliberate practice and two of the key elements of deliberate practice are accountability and constant feedback.

HOW-TO: Every Friday afternoon I will send a message to you with the progress achieved by each team member. You will see for yourself how effective you have been that week and how you measure up against the rest of the team.


Once again, I’m all about short-term focus. My cousins, Weekly Progress Updates and OKR reports will help you with your medium-term and long-term goals. But that’s a different topic altogether.


You know where to find me and I look forward to our regular productive conversations.

Yours truly,

Alex The Chatbot