Splento Employee Productivity Self Assessment Tool


Tax Returns are due on the 31 January and are great at assessing your financial performance the previous tax year.

When it comes to assessing your job-specific performance, your Metrics and OKRs are the best way for you and your manager to understand how well you’ve done.

However, neither your Tax Return nor your OKR reports say anything about your personal development and how much you have grown as an individual.

So I have a suggestion.

Every January the 30, a day before submitting your Tax Returns, I propose you also undertake a Personal Productivity Self Assessment.

A few simple questions that will give you an idea of whether you are on the right track or not.


Splento Productivity Assessment Tool
Splento Employee Productivity Self Assessment Tool
DOING: I am just doing my job.ADDING: I am actually adding real value to the team.
WORK: I measure my contribution by the work I do.RESULTS: I measure my contribution by the results I bring.
UNAWARE: I wait for my team to tell me what’s going on in my company and the industry.PLUGGED: I am plugged into what’s going on inside and outside.
WAITING: I wait for others to figure out and re-engineer my work (and me out of my workplace).TRYING: I try new ideas, techniques, methodologies all the time.
NOT DEMANDING: My work is boring and doesn’t fully engage my grey cells. CHALLENGING: I feel like I am at the FIDE World Chess Championship daily.
NOT IN CONTROL: I don’t have any control over my work and time.AUTONOMY: I have a lot of autonomy in most things I do.
NOT ALIGNED: My work has nothing to do with my long-term plan.ALIGNED: My work is aligned with my long-term goals.
STAGNATION: I don’t read, learn or improve. DEVELOPMENT: I am a voracious reader, but the more I know, the more I know I don't know.
KNOWER: I know how things are, how they ought to be, and what needs to be done.LEARNER: I see things as they appear and my view is only part of a larger picture.
ACADEMIC: I learn to know more.PRACTITIONER: I learn to do things better.
FIXED MINDSET: I believe my basic abilities, intelligence, talents - are just fixed traits.GROWTH MINDSET: I can develop and improve my talents and skills through deliberate practice.
REACTIVE: circumstances and conditions control me.PROACTIVE: I take responsibility for everything that happens to me at work.
VIP TASKS LAST: I finish all small tasks first and if I have enough time left, I tackle the “big one”.VIP TASKS FIRST: I “eat” frogs first thing in the morning. The scarier and nastier the frog the better!
MULTITASK: I am the Multi-tasking Royalty. FOCUS: Multitasking is an illusion. When I do something, I give it 100%.
STOP & GO: I stop and go and switch between tasks all the time.
SEEING-THROUGH: I start things only that I plan to finish.
NO GOALS: I do things just “because”.END-IN-MIND: I always start with the end in mind.
NO SLEEP: sleep is for wimps. SLEEP: I know that sleep is a fundamental element of great performance.

Dear Splento employees, you’ll be seeing these printed out and plastered onto our white-boards this week 🙂

Have fun!

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