A Letter To Our Competitor


Dear Thomas and all at Meero,

Congratulations on making a mark on the photo scene and also for raising 60 million to take the AI driven photo editing revolution to the next level.

You and everyone at Meero, have managed to cut a niche in the photo industry by hastening and automating image editing with the aid of artificial intelligence. Naturally, funding followed the talent and now you have raised $60 million dollars.

The successes and achievements recorded by your company over the years is a great example for Meero’s competitors that are striving to stand out from the competition in the photo industry.

Your usage of algorithms to achieve quality work is something which we admire.

Splento is also considering taking advantage of recent advances and utilization of artificial intelligence in our work.

We hope to see you explore these exploits and hope to see what results you achieve from your endeavours. Together, our industry can help people keep their memories alive.

However, at Splento, we believe that the human aspect and nature of our job is what gives that freshness to a simple photograph. The human sense of imagination cannot be duplicated or created via any machine. This, combined with the amazing prices and fast turnarounds keeps us on top of the game.

As Meero’s competitor, we at Splento firmly believe that while your AI algorithms are admirable and certainly a few steps in to the newer age, our experience in the industry will keep us ahead and you have a lot to learn from us. Splento has been operating for 3 years now, and has served over 10,000 satisfied customers!

The touch of imagination at video and photo processing can change the face of a project, and this is why Splento is so successful.

As a part of a growing technology age, it has become almost necessary to capture a moment, and to relive it from time to time. Bigger events and important occasions demand a professional on-demand photographer who can do all the work, while you enjoy your day.

Advancement in our field and industry has helped companies like Splento and Meero to grow into larger businesses that help people with much more than they ask for.

Our work gives people an amazing sense of rebirth, where you can go back to any time or event, and relive it simply through a photograph. Splento feels proud to have been a part of so many lives over the years!

To everyone at Meero, let us conclude this with congratulations once again, and good luck!


Yours truly,

Everyone at Splento

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