Event industry FAQs: What does an event coordinator do?


The event industry is comprised of many different roles and responsibilities that are required for events to occur successfully. If you are just starting out in the events industry, then you are likely inquisitive about how all the roles and responsibilities interact. This post will answer any queries you might have about the role of event coordinator including: 

    • What is an event coordinator? 
    • Hot to become a successful event coordinator 
    • Event coordinator skills 

What is an event coordinator?

Event planners, event managers and event coordinators work in conjunction with one another to carry out successful events – whether that be a conference, trade show, product launch, wedding, or any other type. 

Specifically, event coordinators take the plan that event planners and event managers have composed and organise the individual areas of the plan. Event coordinators usually report to the event manager, but some companies have a less defined hierarchy when it comes to event planning and the coordinator can even take on the role and responsibilities of both the planner and manager of the event.


How to become a successful event coordinator

To get your foot in the door as an event coordinator experience in the industry is imperative. Experience in events will show your potential clients that you are responsible and can handle their events reliably. But that is easier said than done, and might leave you asking, ‘how do I get experience?’ You can get experience as an event coordinator by pursuing an internship or an apprenticeship that can lead to a qualification in the field. 


How to be an event coordinator – Event coordinator skills 

Time management

Events run on a tight schedule so your time management skills should be second to none so you can ensure your events run smoothly.

People skills 

Being an event coordinator requires you to frequently communicate with a wide range of people, from your clients to the people at your venue, and even the event photographer so you should have strong social skills.

Attention to detail 

You should be great at paying attention to details as an event coordinator so that you can seamlessly run over any plans made by your fellow event planner and/or manager.


You need to be creative to be a successful event coordinator so that you can continuously come up with fresh ideas for your clients and ensure that you are not planning and executing the same event over and over.


Although it would be great if every planned event went smoothly, unfortunately, this is only sometimes the case. As an event coordinator, you should be able to think on your feet to find a solution to any problems.


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