What you sell and what your clients buy – are two very different things? We sell professional photographers' time. However, our clients buy solutions to their problems.

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You may be selling cars, but your clients are buying prestige (Mercedes), safety (Volvo), adrenalin (Russian-made Lada – because you never know when it will blow up), statement (electric Nissan Leaf) or cash machine (Toyota Prius for Uber drivers).

You may be selling burgers – but one day I’ll buy two hours with my friends at your restaurant, the other day I’ll buy protein to feed my muscles after a marathon and – on a rare occasion – I will actually buy a burger.

But in most cases what you sell and what clients buy is very different.

The same applies to Splento.

We sell professional photographers’ time. However, our clients buy solutions to their problems.

Yes, some clients do actually buy photographers’ time (see point nr. 7), but most buy something else. We asked our clients what problems we solve for them and below are Top 15 things to give you a bit of a flavour.

1) Professional photos of the event to get more people for their next event.

2) Professional photos of the event to have a reason to remind clients about the company.

3) Professional photos of the team to build trust with clients.

4) Professional photos of incoming MBA students to show the world that we are professional Business School and unprofessional badge photos are for amateurs.

5) Professional photos of their property to sell more via on AirBnB, booking.com, etc.

6) Professional photos of their product to sell more of it on Amazon, ebay and via their own website.

7) That’s my favourite one – because the clients are actually buying what we are selling – professional photographers (plus professional photos of the event, of course). Reason? To meet attendees’ expectations. In their industry – when there there is no photographer at an event, the event is considered amateur and no one will take the organisers seriously.

8) Professional photos of the event to show competitors that we rock the city.

9) Professional photos of the event to raise awareness of the brand in the media.

10) Professional photos to capture splendid moments.

11) Professional photos to use as another advertising asset to sell to sponsors.

12) Professional photos for LinkedIn profile to look professional and have better chance of finding a new job.

13) Professional photos for dating profile to look amazing and have better chance of finding a new partner.

14) Professional photographer for an hour as a gift.

15) As for me? I hire Splento photographers to keep me company 🙂 They say being a CEO is a very lonely job, so when I need some company, I hire one of our amazing photographer to join me for a nice 15km run in Hyde Park 🙂

So yes, our business model is quite simple – we buy professional photographers’ time in bulk and then – by leveraging our brand, infrastructure and technology we add shed loads of value, wrap our offering in professional customer service, hassle-free user experience, fixed transparent pricing, quality control, money-back guarantees and on top of that – we deliver our service to clients faster than anyone else.

Our promise to you: You can book us on-demand. We deliver next-day. Professional quality photos every time. Every day. For thousands of clients. Worldwide.

But of course we know that you may be buying from us something very different. Let me know what 🙂


by Roman Grigoriev

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