Please stop saying: “It won’t work” I won’t slap you, but please stop saying to me it won’t work.

It will work


I’m sick and tired of hearing “It won’t work, because people in industry X don’t do Y”.

How do you know? For that matter, how do I know? No one knows. Only numbers can tell.

If you set up a landing page and ask 10,000 potential clients to sign up (or better still – pay), then we have an opinion backed by data.

Everything else – is subjective opinion and it’s as good as London cabby’s stock picking advice.

Furthermore, even if the initial test didn’t work and only 1 out of 10,000 signed up, it doesn’t mean “it won’t work”.

It means you may have gotten the wrong target audience, or picked a wrong traction channel, or went with a wrong message. Idea might be golden, but your PACMA (Product > Audience > Channel > Message) is out of whack.

I won’t slap you, but please stop saying to me it won’t work.

However, feel free to slap me – if I ever say it won’t work, without backing my categorical NO without having any data to back that up.


by Roman Grigoriev

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