The Top Crowdfunding Projects Ever 40 Startups that took the crowdfunding route to success


What is crowdfunding?

The dictionary definition of crowdfunding is “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the internet.”

According to Wikipedia, in 2015, over US$34 billion was raised by businesses through this innovative approach.

If you haven’t heard of crowdfunding, you will probably have heard of some of the websites that organise it, such as Kickstarter and Crowdcube.

And if you haven’t heard of any of those, then you almost certainly have heard of a few of the following businesses, who got to their current point in their success journey by taking advantage of this power of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding has never been more popular, and for one very good reason – everybody involved benefits!

The business gets the cash injection it needs to expand through it’s next phase, and all the individual investors benefit from the perks or other payback that comes with being a contributor to the company’s growing success.

Here then, are 40 of the top crowdfunding businesses of today:




Raised: £72,754,050

BrewDog is a multinational brewery and pub chain, founded in Scotland. BrewDog raised £72,754,050 on Proprietary and Crowdcube.



Raised: $20,000,000

NowRx is an American retail pharmacy that uses software and robotics to offer same-day delivery for its recipients. NowRx raised $20,000,000 via SeedInvest.

coin metro


Raised: €12,026,735

CoinMetro is a Crypto-Exchange designed to support users in buying, exchanging and selling cryptocurrency. CoinMetro was founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017. CoinMetro raised €12,026,735 on its own platform.

paradox interactive

Paradox Interactive

Raised: $11,800,000

Paradox Interactive is a Swedish video game publisher. Paradox Interactive raised $11,800,000 via Pepins.



Raised: €7,500,000

Weissenhaus is a resort and spa in Northern Germany. The real estate crowd-funding project for Weissenhaus raised €7,500,000 in Companisto.


Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife

Raised: $4,575,550

Plant Growth Net Zero AquaLife is a sustainable shrimp farmer based in California. They are using state of the art commercial super-intensive shrimp production and cleantech solutions to source Non-GMO seafood. Plant Growth Net Zero Aqualife raised $4,575,550 on Crowdfunder.

train alliance

Train Alliance

Raised: $4,400,000

Train Alliance is the designer and manager of railway facilities in strategic locations across Sweden. Train Alliance raised $4,400,000 using the Pepins crowdfunding platform.



Raised: $4,200,000

Ingogo is an Australian company that specialises in online taxi bookings. Ingogo puts clients in touch with licenced taxi drivers and processes the payment through their app. Ingogo raised $4,200,000 on VentureCrowd.

Gripit Fixings

Gripit Fixings

Raised: $4,100,000

Gripit Fixings is the manufacturer of a heavy-duty, cost-effective plasterboard fixing solution. Gripit Fixings raised £4,100,000 via Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,999,000

goHenry is a finance startup, developing a mobile platform. Their app is designed to help kids gain financial independence by managing their money smartly. The British FinTech raised £3,999,000 via Crowdcube.

Chapel Down

Chapel Down

Raised: £3,953,819

Chapel Down is England’s leading winemaker. The wine company raised £3,953,819 via Seedrs.

Pod Point

Pod Point

Raised: £3,713,450

Pod Point is a company creating a network of charging ports for electric cars across the UK and Europe, for a more sustainable future. Pod Point raised £3,713,450 on Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,514,110

JustPark is a web platform and mobile application designed to help drivers find available parking spaces. JustPark raised £3,514,110 via Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,388,150

Sugru is the developer of a mouldable glue, designed to making, fixing, and crafting an enjoyable experience. Sugru raised £3,388,150 using Crowdcube for its fundraising project.



Raised: £3,370,000

Chilango is an online Mexican food-ordering platform. The food and drink startup raised £3,370,000 on Crowdcube.



Raised: €3,225,567

Etergo is an electric mobility company, aiming to phase out petrol transportation for a cleaner future. The electric mobility company raised €3,225,567 on Seedrs.



Raised: €3,000,000

Protonet is the developer of a cloud-based social project management and collaboration platform. Protonet raised €3,000,000 via Seedmatch.

Urbanara Home AG

Urbanara Home AG

Raised: €3,000,000

Urbanara Home AG is a German homeware retailer. Urbanara Home AG raised €3,000,000 using Bergfürst.



Raised: £2,916,020

1Rebel is a health and fitness startup based in London. 1Rebel creates a no contract, high intensity, dual studio fitness concept. 1Rebel raised £2,916,020 via Crowdcube.



Raised: £2,622,360

eMoov is an online estate agency created to help people sell their homes without the hassle. eMoov uses technology tools to help people sell their homes easily, and cost-effectively. eMoov raised £2,622,360 via Crowdcube.

Witt Energy

Witt Energy

Raised: £2,386,030

Witt Energy is the developer of a renewable energy source. Their technology converts motions from the land, air and sea into electricity. Witt Energy raised £2,386,030 via Crowdcube.



Raised: $2,368,000

Naava is a Finnish Health Tech company that develops a smart and active green wall designed to make the air cleaner. Naava raised $2,368,000 via Pepins.



Raised: €2,200,000

MATE.BIKE is a Copenhagen-based company, developing foldable electric bikes. MATE.BIKE raised €2,200,000 on Seedrs.

Hab Housing

Hab Housing

Raised: £1,972,560

Hab Housing is a developer of sustainable housing, with a focus on the custom build market. Hab Housing raised £1,972,560 on Crowdcube.

Alvesta Glass

Alvesta Glass AB

Raised: $1,944,152

Alvesta Glass is a food manufacturer, specialising in high-quality ice cream in a range of exciting flavours. Alvesta Glass raised $1,944,152 via Pepins.

sono motors

Sion – from Sono Motors

Raised: €1,815,000

Sion is a fully electric car that can be charged using the electric grid or its solar cells. Sion raised €1,815,000 via Seedrs.



Raised: £1,800,000

Parcelgenie is the world’s first instant gift messaging app. Using the mobile application, users can easily send their friends gifts. Parcelgenie raised £1,800,000 on Angels Den.



Raised: €1,615,745

Panono is a 360° X 360° full-spherical, 108-megapixel Panoramic ball camera created by the Berlin-based company Professional360 GmbH. Panono raised €1,615,745 using Companisto for their crowdfunding.



Raised: €1,600,000

Hycube is a German startup pioneering renewable energy storage systems that store energy from solar panels to reuse for domestic energy uses. Hycube raised €1,600,000 on Seedrs.

Sullivan’s Brewing

Sullivan’s Brewing

Raised: €1,570,000

Sullivan’s Brewing is an Irish brewery, specialising in ales. Sullivan’s Brewing raised €1,570,000 on Seedrs.



Raised: £1,562,960

Lovespace is the UK’s first storage by the box service, offering users across the UK delivery, storage, and collection of their items. Lovespace raised £1,562,960 on Crowdcube.



Raised: €1,500,000

Freygeist is a German startup that develops an e-bike that has the appearance and feel of a classic pedal bike. The Freygeist crowdfunding project raised €1,500,000 on Companisto.



Raised: €1,350,000

Sawade is a German company specialising in the production of hand-made, fine chocolate products. Sawade raised €1,350,000 via Companisto.

Domaine d'Escapat

Domaine d’Escapat

Raised: $1,240,540

Domaine d’Escapat is a French renovated classic vineyard. The vineyard raised $1,240,540 on the Pepins platform.



Raised: €1,227,990

Uniti is a Swedish automotive startup. Uniti is the developer of a high-tech electric city car in Sweden. Uniti raised €1,227,990 on FundedByMe.

Dynamic Code

Dynamic Code AB

Raised: $1,138,700

Dynamic Code is a Swedish Health Tech company offering smart diagnostic and health care testing solutions. Customers can easily order testing kits online and take them at their convenience. Dynamic Code raised $1,138,700 on Pepins.

I'll be next door

I’ll be Next Door for Christmas

Raised: $1,070,000

I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas was the first-ever film to use equity crowdfunding in the U.S. The film raised $1,070,000 using StartEngine and Wefunder.



Raised: €1,010,000

Pickawood is a furniture manufacturer based in Germany and Poland, specialising in made-to-measure furniture. Pickawood raised €1,010,000 on Seedmatch.



Raised: €1,000,000

AoTerra is a waste heat recovery system, designed to help new-build and renovated properties that meet modern energy efficiency standards. AoTerra raised €1,000,000 on Seedmatch.



Raised: €1,000,000

Foodist is a German monthly subscription service, offering recipients a selection of gourmet products each month. Foodist raised €1,000,000 on Companisto.

The list above is a fascinating delve into successful businesses that have got to where they are via crowdfunding.

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