To WordPress or not to WordPress, that is the question


A friend of mine asked me earlier this week if we were using WordPress and if not – why not?

To everyone in the tech industry the question may seem odd, but to the rest of the world – it’s an excellent question that’s on the minds of many a director and entrepreneur!

If you are a tech company (like Splento) and your business model (how you make money) is built around your technology – you simply can’t use WordPress or any other external “out of the box” solution. You have to create your own tech stack for web development and have full flexibility and control of every bit and byte.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed or a lifestyle business with no plans for industry domination – then the likes of WordPress and Shopify are ideal for you.

The tricky part is when we talk about non-digital businesses set on growth. My view of the future is that all industries will be disrupted by tech-first businesses.

So if you are a restaurant chain, a factory, an international law firm and you plan to grow, but you still:

  • acquire clients via a WordPress site,
  • handle incoming orders via Excel,
  • process everything on ERPs built on DOS in the 1990s, and
  • there is no scope for efficient real-time measurement, iteration and improvement,

someone will come in the next 5-15 years and squeeze out every single bit of inefficiency from your industry and pass it on as savings to your soon to be ex-customers and drive you out of business.

For businesses set on growth – being tech-first is no longer a nice-have, it’s a must have. The main question is: will you disrupt the way your industry works or will someone else do it for you.


by Roman Grigoriev

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