No one gives a monkey’s about your product Weekend Wisdom

Saturday Night


After two weeks of daily posts I have some data:

  • You read them;
  • You like them;
  • You engage with them (but outside of the blog);
  • Almost no one reads on Saturdays.

My goal behind the CEO Letter series is three-fold:

  • To share what I’ve learned with you, so that you don’t repeat my mistakes;
  • Communicate with our stakeholders in a less email inbox intrusive way;
  • Free up some space in my brain for new ideas.

Since very few people read my blog posts on Saturdays, I’ll be posting byte-sized quotes just to keep those who do read engaged 🙂

Thought of the day:

No one gives a monkey’s about how great your product is. The only thing people care about is how great they can become by using your product.

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by Roman Grigoriev