Measuring What Matters


Splento is obsessed with numbers and data.

Tracking lots of data for the sake of data is better than not tracking any data at all, however it’s not good enough.

What you track and measure should matter. Your data must help you achieve your goals and objectives.   

We’ve been experimenting with various tracking and measuring methodologies over the years, but all have failed to deliver consistently outstanding results. Until now 🙂

I’ve just finished reading “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr. What a revelation!

It’s almost like running dozens of miles a week and wondering “Why have I plateaued and not getting any faster?”. Then someone comes to you and says: “Follow this training plan you must” and then suddenly all the pieces fall into their place.

To get from a minimum viable business to a truly great investable business one needs to navigate not just choppy waters of MVP, route-to-market, fundraising, monthly budgets and management reviews, but also stormy waters of Mr Market and bare knuckled competition.

To do that – the team needs to be able to:

  1. Focus and commit to priorities;
  2. Align for teamwork and row in the same direction;
  3. Be relentlessly accountable and religiously track progress;
  4. Work smart and stretch beyond what’s considered possible.

In fact this is exactly what the book is all about.

“Measure what matters” will show you how to collect relevant data to track progress and measure what matters. It will help your team get stronger, aim higher and move faster.

I am a compulsive reader and usually go in sprints of a few weeks deep into various subjects, from marketing, to management, to finance, mixing them up with books about anthropology, biographies and history in between to keep it interesting.

My summer 2018 reading list is all set – Objectives & Key Results all the way!


by Roman Grigoriev

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