Jar of Awesome 2.0



At Splento we have a thing called: “Jar of Awesome” – a one way-communication channel from me to the whole team.  

The idea is to keep collecting small nuggets of awesome things that happen at Splento daily, so that when you need to get through a tough time, you can go over these fortune cookie-esque reminders that things aren’t all bad.

This can be particularly helpful for super ambitious people who easily become obsessed with an end result and completely miss all of the milestones and small wins in-between. The hypothesis we are testing is that when you can learn to appreciate the “small wins”, you can feel that much more accomplished and happier when you get to your Great Big Goal.

But there are always ways to improve whatever you are doing, right?

I’m currently reading a book called “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr (by far the best book on organisational health, team focus and management in general) and in addition to several huge world-order redefining concepts like OKR, I also picked up a few small, yet very useful ideas.  

One of them – recognising people for actions and results: completion of special projects, achievement of company goals, demonstrations of company values by replacing “Employee of the Month” with “Achievement of the Month”.

Here goes our first inaugural Achievement of the Month.

Dear Splento team. Well done for delivering an amazing job for CogX conference earlier in June.  

We’ve covered hundreds of large conferences around the world and delivered thousands of photos the same day to happy organisers, attendees and the press from London and Berlin to Lisbon and San Diego, but CogX job was the pinnacle of efficiency, scale and overall product/market fit.

You can read a more detailed case-study here  but in brief:

– 14 professional photographers working non-stop for two days

– delivering thousands of edited images the same day

– posting the best photos to Social Media on behalf of the client

– taking free LinkedIn headshots for attendees with Splento mobile photo studio

– onsite printing of photos from media wall for attendees to keep as memento.  

I have a sneaky feeling no one would have been able to do something as complex as this within these timelines and on such a reasonable budget.


by Roman Grigoriev

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