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Remarkable product videos aren’t only the ones made by professional advertisers pouring in a ton of money into plain product demos. The perfect product video is one that stands out on a customer’s feed and engages them long enough to want to buy the product, and this is a task even a small business can sometimes accomplish on its own. 

Visual aesthetics are very important in how a product video can engage and entertain viewers. So filming the product video is only one half of the job, the rest depends on how well you edit the final footage. 

Most businesses don’t know where to start with product video post-production. Here are some of the easiest video editing software that offers a cheat sheet to creating product videos.


1. Animoto

Animoto provides easy-to-use video editing tools for businesses. It offers plenty of resources like images, music, templates and more to create a product video in a matter of minutes. 

Pick one of their templates, upload your video and get editing. You don’t need any prior experience or video-editing skills to use Animoto. The features are pretty straightforward and for the amount of effort required, the results will surprise you. 


2. Biteable

If you’re looking to create a high-energy product video for your launch, Biteable comes with an arsenal of video editing tools that are user-friendly. They have hundreds of templates to serve the needs of any industry. 

Their minimalist templates keep the design light and offer subtle vibrancy to make a fun product video. If you want to make a quick and easy animated product video, Biteable is everyone’s first choice.


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3. Animaker

If you’re planning to make an explainer video of your product to demonstrate its features and usage, Animaker makes sure you don’t have to seek external help. 

Animaker’s pre-set typography and infographic styles can be a boon to marketers who are looking for simple templates to create their product videos.

Offering over 120 types of animations, Animaker allows small businesses to easily produce an explainer product video without having to shoot actual footage.  


4. Adobe Spark

No video-editing software list can be complete without the mention of an Adobe product. Spark offers themes and layouts to help businesses put together their product video. 

You can use Adobe Spark to create product videos on the go, using your smartphone. The free version offers access to an endless range of tools with the only catch being the watermark on your video. 


5. iMovie

You don’t have to always depend on professional video services when you have access to software like iMovie. If you’re a Mac owner there is no need to consider your options for video-editing software – iMovie is the obvious choice. 

iMovie offers advanced video-editing features that most video-editing software doesn’t usually offer for free. Create and share your product videos at 4K resolution using this video maker. 


Creating high-quality visuals is easily within the reach of businesses, as these video editing tools make the process faster and more cost-effective. 

Obviously, as with any DIY approach, there are limitations somewhere, whether that is a watermark on the final output or limitations in simplicity and overall professional look.

Ultimately – for a truly professional image, you may need a true professional, but don’t be put off having a go yourself with one of these tools.

When you’re planning your video content strategy, make room for product videos on the agenda.

At Splento, we understand that everyone has a budget limit and that sometimes the production needs to be kept in-house. That’s why we are happy to encourage and assist where we can, or just be a part of your video production process just for those elements which need an experienced touch.

If you are producing your own video, but perhaps need a helping hand, then call Splento and discover how we can work together. As well as offering a budget-friendly complete package, Splento also can work with you on just a part of your project, leaving you to get on with the rest, as you feel comfortable to do so.


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