Essential questions to ask before you buy a camera What to know about buying a camera


Buying a camera can be a huge decision for a professional photographer and heavy on the wallet. You may be tempted to turn to the most popular camera or a trending choice, but professionals know to go deeper than that. 

When you walk into the camera store you should have better questions prepared than “What camera should I buy?”. Make sure you run through our list of essential questions at the camera store before you make your purchase decision.


What are the lens options for the camera?

A photographer knows the value of lenses and what they bring to the table. In fact, plenty of professionals have more money invested in camera lenses than the camera itself. 

When you’re buying a camera, enquire about the available lens choices and their prices. If you’re the kind of person who pays more attention to their collection of lenses, this information can have a significant role in your choice. 


Questions when buying a camera


How does the camera function in low light?

You might want to invest in a camera that is more than capable of shooting in low light environments. If you’re going for a cinematic style, then your photographs will tend to be darker as opposed to commercial photography. 

A camera that is capable of decent performance in low-light, will be alright if you have a good camera lighting kit to help you get by. 


What is the average longevity of the camera?

Cameras are an expensive investment, especially if you’re a freelance photographer with no steady stream of income. Camera durability is an important factor that makes sure you’re not flushing money down the drain.

If you’re planning to buy a new camera, don’t be cheap and settle for a make-do option that can fall apart within a year or so. Fund the extra money and buy a durable camera that can last you, without having to be replaced. 


Will the camera fit my shooting needs?

Every camera has its own pros and cons when it comes to performance. Your job is to make sure that the camera you pick out doesn’t have any cons that can affect your photography style. 

Features like battery life, audio recording, camera weight, and focus abilities should be considered to align with your style of work. Don’t compromise on annoying features that you think you can accommodate, as it only becomes worse as time goes by. 


What is the recording format?

Different cameras produce photographs in different formats. This will affect the degree of control you have in the post-production stage. Certain formats can pose a challenging feat for editors. 

Ensure the camera you choose to buy produces images in formats that are not only compatible with your editing software but also easy to edit. Ideally, any camera worth a professional consideration should be shooting in RAW.


Questions to ask in a camera store


Bonus question: How much does the camera cost?

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to find a camera that fits your budget. Don’t get your heart set on a camera you can’t afford but also don’t settle for a camera way under your budget. Always keep in mind – you’ll get what you pay for. 



Buying a camera isn’t as easy as walking into your local camera store and buying the first one you see. As much as you’d like to make a spontaneous purchase, it’s a process that requires a lot of thorough research to make a well-informed decision. 

Lucky for you, our essential questions to ask at the camera store will help you gain a better understanding of all your choices. Start with our questions and you’ll narrow down on a camera that you won’t regret buying. 


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