So what is Splento?


Splento is a relatively new service (but already loved by thousands:, so I wanted to take a second to explain a bit more about what we do by sharing our top most asked questions:

  1. What does Splento do?

Splento is a new visual content on demand platform that connects people who want to hire pre-vetted photographers, videographers and content creators in their area at affordable rates and get their content delivered fast. Splento visual content creators are on-demand, meaning you can book them as little as 4 hours ahead of time with just a few clicks. They’re extremely qualified because we only accept the top 1% of photographers who apply. And they’re affordable – Splento prices start at Β£99 per hour and you get all your edited photos delivered in a neat online gallery within 48 hours guaranteed or your money back. Β 

  1. How can Splento shoots be so affordable?

Does that mean they’re low quality? Exactly the opposite. Splento is not the “budget” photography option (that’s probably a cousin with an iPhone). Most professional photographers and videographers charge hundreds of pounds for an hour of their time because they need to cover many more hours of business administration. They need to handle their own marketing, customer support, billing, networking, branding, photo editing and much more. By eliminating all this overhead, Splento enables visual content creators to spend more of their time shooting, which means they can charge much less per hour for the same amazing professional work.

  1. What kind of photoshoots does Splento do?

Just about anything you can think of. Because Splento is a large network of professional photographers, we have professionals who specialize in everything from large conferences to headshots to product photography.

  1. Can I get a bulk discount?

I am glad you asked. Absolutely! If you are planning to book us for hundreds of hours of work, please speak to Peter at and we’d be delighted to accommodate.


by Roman Grigoriev