What we know that our competitors don’t yet realize.


There are dozens of ways to get professional visual content done for your business.

1.You can do it yourself, but in most cases it’s not an option. Even if you have the best equipment, you need to know how to operate it and unless you are a photography enthusiast – there are more important things you could be doing yourself other than shooting videos and taking photos.

2. You can ask your friends for a referral and they will recommend a party photographer or family photographer they have used in the past, but what if your brother’s favourite photographer is busy on Wednesday morning, when you need them. Furthermore, what if you need something for business. The chances are they won’t know anyone, because their marketing manager always hired someone.

3.You can search on Google for corporate headshot photographers, property photographers, event photographers, crowdfunding videographers, conference highlight video producers, but you’ll end up with hundreds of options and how can you choose the right one? None of them have TrustPilot reviews to give you peace of mind and a handful of Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews won’t necessarily inspire much confidence.

4.You can use a creative marketplace and filter through countless options with stars and ratings, but here is what we know that our competitors don’t yet realize.

Creation of visual content is not just about matching a client with a photographer. Nor is it about the visual content itself. It’s about the whole experience.

You can get the best photos, but if your photographer costs an arm and a leg – it doesn’t matter how good the photos or videos are, you’ll think twice before coming back.

Price could be reasonable, but if your photographer turns up late or reschedules three times in a row, or doesn’t reply to your emails, or doesn’t deliver your photos for months on end – you’ll regret your choice.

And that’s the whole point that standard creative marketplaces are missing and why some are going out of business (see my detailed article here: Requiem for a Competitor).

Many photographers are artists and artists put their art above all else.

At Splento we put clients above all else.

It means that we pay as much attention to the quality of the product, as we do to customer support, speed of delivery, affordability and reasonableness of our prices.

For us a really good service is not about the photographer and how amazing their photos are, but about the client and their needs!

Now stop and think about your business. Do you love your product so much that you forget as to why your business actually exists?

Whatever you create, it’s not the end goal.

You don’t set out to create the best social network in the world. You set out to connect the world.

You don’t set out to create the best food photos in the world and win an award. You do it to help restaurants sell more of their yummy looking dishes.

Creating the best product and meeting clients’ needs and exceeding clients’ expectations – are two very different things.


by Roman Grigoriev

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