26 June 2018 – GDPR – one month in, but very few companies give a…


A month has gone past. Have you noticed any major changes in your inbox?

I haven’t. I think it actually got worse.

I have been using UnRoll.me for a long time and even before GDPR I only had one or two odd newsletters getting through the my unsubscribe nets (as many of you know, I am very particular about inbound communications and try to limit them to a minimum and only to specific hours of the day).

Now somehow mysteriously I get emails from people I have never heard of. But one swallow does not summer make. Let’s park my inbox to the side for a bit.

What amazed me is that no company, big or small, seems to take GDPR in its full seriousness.

When I heard about GDPR two years ago – I thought it’s the best thing to happen to us since AI – see my post about AI HERE. I thought of it as our break-through moment.

You may not have realised it – but photos from events are personal data and have to be handled with great care. As an event organiser you are considered a Data Controller and professional photographers, whom you employ to take photos of the attendees at your conferences and events, are Data Processors.

As a Data Controller you have to employ GDPR compliant Data Processors, because a failure to do so may result in hefty a fine.

Splento, backed by Telefonica’s accelerator Wayra, and counts Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace Conference as its regular customer, solves this issue for thousands of event managers and organisers in Europe.

As opposed to other photography marketplaces, Splento doesn’t just put clients in touch with photographers, but controls the whole process and workflow from start to finish. Splento photographers only do what they love best – take photos, everything else is handled by the Splento team, from client acquisition, to customer support, to photo retouching (airbrushing) to storage.

Which means that at every step Splento uses it’s stringent privacy framework and makes sure event organisers don’t fall foul of GDPR.

So I thought – if it’s so difficult to become GDPR compliant, then no photographer will ever do it and we’ll be the only photography company in European Union that is GDPR compliant and all event managers will queue up to hire us not just because we are better quality, more affordable and faster than anyone else, but also because we are GDPR compliant and can save businesses a lot of grief that they will get when their Data Processors fall foul of the law.

We even created a special landing page aimed at event organisers: GDPR compliant photographers.

You would expect conversions to sky rocket and millions of customers wanting our GDPR compliant service. Reality?

Sleep-inducingly boring. Businesses either don’t understand GDPR and its implications fully or don’t care. But let’s get back to it next year when the first few fines materialise.


by Roman Grigoriev

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