Video interview tips to get hired in 2021 How to ace your next video interview


Ever since the pandemic, the entire world has been immersed in the virtual world so chances are, your next interview will probably be a video interview. If your job hunt has landed you with a video interview, don’t be nervous. With the right help and mindset, you’ll be prepared to ace your interview. 


Top 10 video interviews tips to land the job

1. Test your tech

Before your interview, make sure you install the necessary apps and plug-ins and have a trial run to ensure your device is working. Pay special attention to the device’s camera, microphone and internet connection. Make sure your device is fully charged and keep the charger nearby in case it comes in handy. 


2. Join the video interview early

Just as you would arrive early at a face-to-face interview, make sure you join your video interview at least 10 minutes early. This gives you time to adjust settings and deal with any malfunctioning. 


3. Dress to impress

Always dress for success when you attend a video interview just as you would have done for a regular interview. Don’t sit in sweats assuming the interviewer will only see your top half. Dressing professionally will give you the confidence to ace the interview. 


4. Set the scene

Pick out a room for the video interview that is well-light and quiet so that you will have minimal interruptions. Clean up the room so that there isn’t any clutter visible on-screen during the interview. 


Video interview


5. Avoid glare

After you’re done setting up the room for the interview, check your video to see if you’re giving off any glare that could distract the interviewer. Watches and eyeglasses can usually do this, so you can take these off for the duration of the interview.


6. Maintain eye contact

When you’re attending a video interview, it’s easy to get distracted and let your eyes wander. Maintaining eye contact with your interviewer is considered good professional etiquette. Try looking directly at the camera instead of yourself to establish proper eye contact. 


7. Position yourself

Make sure to sit neither too close nor too far away from the screen during your video interview. Ideally, there should be some gap above your head and your chest and shoulders should be visible on the screen. Sit upright and don’t let yourself slump down in the seat as it comes across as unprofessional. 


8. Don’t depend on notes 

Although it’s okay to jot down notes in preparation for the interview, refer to them sparingly. You may think your interviewer can’t see the notes laid down on the desk but they can definitely notice your shifting gaze. 


9. Leave no room for interruptions

If you’re interviewing for your dream job, the last thing you want is someone bolting in and disrupting your flow of thought. To cut down on the possibility of interruptions make sure you lock your door and silence your phone. 


10. Send appreciation after the interview

It’s nice to send a small thank you note to your interviewer after your video interview. Additionally, write a brief about how you’d be perfect for the job role and why you’re interested in it. This should help your profile stand out after the video interview is over. 


Whether it’s inaccessibility or just discomfort with being on camera, video interviews are challenging for job seekers. But video interviews help you control how you present yourself to an interviewer and lets you plan ahead. Couple this with our helpful tips, and you’ve got yourself the job


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