How to find the perfect property video specialist What to ask when looking for a property videographer


Property video specialists can capture the essence of a property and help prospective buyers get a feel for the house even before physically visiting it. This saves time and money for all parties involved in the property selling process. 

As the market for real estate videographers is pretty saturated, it can be tough to weed out the amateurs and find the right choice of videographer to shoot your property. If you’re interested in hiring a videographer for your property sales, how do you decide if they are the right fit for you? 

To help make the process of finding a property video specialist easier for you, here are some essential questions to ask them before you decide to move forward. 


Questions to ask your property video specialist

How long have you been shooting property videos?

Experience can be a videographer’s best friend when it comes to property videos. Not to imply that amateurs aren’t worth hiring but seasoned specialists will know their way around the art better. Have a look at the videographer’s portfolio to determine whether their skills and experience match the quality of work you’re looking for. 


What kind of equipment will you be using?

If you’re looking to impress your prospective home buyers with a high-quality video, the specialist you hire has to have equipment that can live up to this expectation. High-quality videography equipment can capture details of the house that would be missed when shot on mediocre equipment. 


How soon will you be able to deliver the final product?

As with any other commercial photography, deadlines are a huge factor to pay attention to when hiring a video specialist for real estate. You need to find out how fast they can shoot, edit and deliver the final video so as to flip the property as quick as possible. If you have a specific date in mind, ensure that your chosen property video specialist will be able to adhere to this deadline. 


Property video specialists


Do you provide other services that may be useful to us?

Always look for a videographer who offers well-rounded services. The property video industry has seen a lot of change in the recent past with the introduction of 360-degree virtual tours and drone videography. Even if you’re not planning on using these services, it’s great to keep your options open. 


What do you usually charge?

A rather obvious question, of course, but you want to find out how much your property video specialist usually charges. Enquire about all the charges involved including travel and food expenses. If you’re looking to employ them for multiple contracts or for a long term contract, don’t feel shy to ask for a discount. 


Are you covered by insurance?

Certain insurance policies can protect against common videography errors and liabilities. On the off chance that your videographer damages the property, they can claim financial damages. While it’s not mandatory to hire a specialist with insurance, it is definitely advised.


What’s your cancellation policy?

There can arise numerous reasons to cancel a property shoot such as bad weather conditions or sellers changing their minds about selling the property. Professional videographers often require at least a day’s notice of cancellation or may charge a rebooking fee depending on the circumstances. 

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