The ultimate wedding videographer checklist: What to expect from start to finish Before, during and after the ceremony itself, there are plenty of moments to capture!


Hiring a wedding videographer to capture the special moments of your big day is an absolute must. Having your sentimental moments on film, from your guests arriving at the venue, to the vows, and then the speeches is priceless. Not only does a wedding video allow you to look back on your wedding so you do not forget all the crucial details, but it also allows you to share these with people who were unable to be there on the day.


Are you wondering what to expect from your wedding videographer? Check out our ultimate wedding videographer checklist below, including: 

    • Before the ceremony wedding videography checklist 
    • During the ceremony wedding videography checklist 
    • During the reception wedding videography checklist


Wedding videography


Ultimate wedding videography guide – wedding videographer checklist

When hiring a wedding videographer it can be uncertain which areas of the day the wedding videographer will focus on capturing. Here is the wedding videography process explained through several wedding videographer checklists. 

Essential wedding videographer checklist:


Before the ceremony wedding videography checklist

There is so much value in what happens before the wedding ceremony takes place. The preparation for the big day is an essential part of the wedding process and should be documented as such. The video shots you can expect before the ceremony include those of the couple getting ready and the interior of the venue before the guests arrive. 

    • Video of the couple getting ready
    • Video of the wedding party getting ready
    • The area surrounding the wedding venue
    • The wedding venue itself
    • Guests turning up at the venue 
    • Wedding party arriving at the venue

During the ceremony wedding videography checklist

Now that the wedding is about to begin it is time for the wedding videographer to capture the star of the show. This is where the wedding videographer will capture the most clips for the overall video, from the vows to the exchanging of rings and the wedding party walking down the aisle.

    • Decorations at the venue 
    • Guests finding their seats
    • Waiting at the alter
    • Wedding party walking down the aisle 
    • Any musicians performing 
    • Vows
    • Ring exchange 
    • First kiss 
    • The introduction of the couple as a married couple 
    • The married couple leaving the venue


Wedding videographer


During the reception wedding videography checklist

There is so much joy to capture at a wedding reception, from the dancing to the cake cutting, and any significant speeches delivered. The wedding videographer will move around the venue in order to get the best shots of a wedding reception. 

    • The area surrounding the reception venue 
    • The inside of the reception venue, focusing on any decorations
    • The decorated tables
    • Menu 
    • Guests enjoying their meal
    • Guests hanging around the bar area
    • Introduction of the wedding party
    • Speeches and toasts
    • Cake cutting 
    • First dance 
    • Guests dancing
    • Last dance 


Wedding videographer checklist


Now that you know what to expect from hiring a professional wedding videographer, it is time to start finding the best wedding videographer in the business. 

This wedding videographer checklist is something that you can bring up when having your initial consultation with your wedding videographer as it can help you to determine which parts of your day it is most important for you to have captured on film. A good wedding videographer will always be willing to listen to exactly what you want to be filmed and be able to deliver on your desires. 


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