Master the art of choosing your wedding videographer: Tips and tricks for a perfect match  Finding your ideal wedding videographer


Finding your ideal wedding videographer is an essential part of the wedding planning process for spouses-to-be. However, we understand that navigating the world of wedding videography as an outsider to the industry can be a little daunting – there are just so many options for capturing your big day on film! 

This article is here to help you choose a wedding videographer that is the perfect fit for you and your wedding. We can guarantee you will not be able to stop watching back the footage you receive time and again.


Tips for finding the right wedding videographer

Know your budget

Choosing a wedding videographer begins with knowing how much you can spend on hiring one. Do a bit of research for yourself into the average cost of event videography in your area to understand how much you should expect to pay. It is then a case of deciding whether you would like to aim for the top range of that or opt for a more affordable option. Knowing your event videography budget will also assist in understanding how much of your budget you have left for other areas of your wedding planning.


Choosing a wedding videographer


Look at their portfolio

Hiring a skilled wedding videographer requires you to take a look at their previous work. You can get an instant sense from their portfolio of how experienced a wedding videographer is, and where the general quality of their work lies. When you take a look at previous wedding videos they have filmed, see how much of each part of the weddings they captured to see if this is what you desire, or whether you would like to discuss doing things differently for you to hire them.


Check out their style 

Making the right choice with your wedding videographer will largely depend on whether their style aligns with your cinematography taste. Will their cinematography style match the aesthetic of your wedding in a way that will make their final video complimentary of your day? This might be evident from their portfolio if they have previously shot weddings with a similar vibe to your own, or it might involve a conversation with the videographer about your preferred style choices before you book them.


Read reviews from previous clients

If you have explored your preferred videographer’s portfolio and you are happy with what you see, it is a good idea to see what their previous clients have to say about the process of hiring and engaging with the event videographer. This just helps to ensure that the wedding videographer is pleasant and will be a friendly presence at your wedding, and that they are able to deliver the good quality videos they no doubt advertise on their website. 


Wedding videography


Know what is included in the price

Selecting the best wedding videographer for your wedding involves knowing what is included in the wedding videography package you are purchasing. There are several items that you should confirm with your wedding videographer before hiring them, including how long the videographer will be present at your wedding and which elements of the day they will be shooting, and what services (e.g. editing) are included in the price.

In some cases, these may be included as a package – for others, they may be extras that are charged separately. You need to know what is included and what is an add-on (such as editing, titles, etc). The time it takes to deliver the final edit should also be a consideration. A great wedding video can be soured somewhat if you have to wait several months to get it!


These tips should make finding your perfect match wedding videographer just that bit easier. 

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