Insider secrets: What videographer wedding professionals wish you knew Unlock the secrets to harmonious collaboration between your wedding photographer and videographer


It may seem obvious, but videographer wedding professionals want to create the best video they can of your big day!

Your wedding day is one of the most cherished days of your life and naturally, you want to immortalise every precious moment. Well, the good news is that your videographer wedding professional wants the same thing! While photographs capture beautiful snapshots, hiring a videographer for your wedding adds depth and motion to your memories. However, creating that magical videographer wedding film requires more than just hiring a professional. There’s a synergy that needs to happen between you, your videographer, and even your photographer. 

Harmonious collaboration is key, so with that in mind, here’s the insider scoop on what videographer wedding professionals wish couples knew before the big day.


Secrets of wedding videographers


What videographer wedding professionals wish you knew

1. Photographer-videographer synchronisation:

Videographers often wish couples understood the importance of collaboration between the photographer and the wedding videographer. Ensuring they are on the same page and have discussed how they will work together is vital. A pre-wedding meeting between you, your photographer, and your wedding videographer can iron out logistics and ensure no stepping on toes or obstructing shots.


2. The golden hour isn’t just for photographs:

The golden hour – that short period just after sunrise or before sunset – is prized by photographers, but it’s also a treasure for wedding videographers. The natural light during these times can give your wedding film a warm and romantic glow. Videographers wish that more couples would factor this into their schedules.


3. Consider the audio:

Excellent video quality is a given, but videographers wish couples knew that good audio is equally important. Whether it’s the vows, the speeches, or ambient sounds, the audio adds an invaluable layer to your wedding film. It’s crucial to discuss audio equipment and backup solutions with your videographer.


4. Communication is essential:

Be clear about your vision. Do you have a specific theme, or are there particular moments you don’t want to be missed? The more your videographer knows, the better they can meet, and even surpass, your expectations.


5. Allow creative freedom:

While communicating your desires is crucial, it’s also important to allow your videographer creative freedom. Remember, you hired them for their expertise and style. Give them space to bring their skills and experience to the table.


Wedding videographer secret


6. Timeline padding:

Videographers wish couples knew the importance of padding their wedding timeline. This extra time accommodates creative shots and unforeseen delays, and ensures your videographer can capture all the key moments without unnecessary rush.


7. Be natural – be you:

Some of the best footage comes from genuine candid moments. Don’t get too caught up in staged scenes. Enjoy your day, be present, and let the emotions flow. Your videographer will capture the essence of your day.


8. Understand the editing process:

Post-production is where the magic happens. Videographers spend hours crafting your film. It’s important to understand that this process takes time. Be patient and know that the end result will be worth the wait.


9. Plan for the venue:

Different venues require different approaches. A church wedding may have lighting and space constraints, whereas an outdoor wedding might present audio challenges. Discuss the venue with your videographer in advance and consider their suggestions for optimal results.


10. Invest in a videography package:

Wedding videography is an investment in memories that will last a lifetime. Check the videographer’s packages to see if they align with your needs. If not, then ask if they offer customisable options.


11. The backup plan:

It’s vital to have a backup plan for unexpected issues such as weather changes or equipment failure. Make sure your videographer has backup equipment and discuss a contingency plan for various scenarios.


12. Consider a second shooter:

Having a second videographer can be an invaluable addition. This allows for more angles and ensures that no special moments are missed. Discuss this option with your videographer and weigh up the benefits.


Videographer wedding secrets


13. It’s a long day for your videographer too:

Your videographer will likely be on their feet for many hours, carrying equipment and focusing intensely to capture every moment. A small break, meal, or simply a thank you can go a long way in keeping them energised and motivated.


14. The end product is more than just a video:

It’s important to understand that the wedding videographer is creating not just a video but a story – your story. It’s an art that captures the emotions, experiences, and essence of your special day.


15. Raw footage may not be what you expect:

Some couples request the raw footage, but it’s essential to understand that this unedited material can be extensive and will not be as polished as the final product. If you still want it, be sure to discuss this with your videographer in advance.


“Wedding videography is a delicate tapestry woven with threads of love, joy, and emotions. As a videographer, my camera is the loom, and my vision is the artisan. It’s imperative for couples to understand that while they are living in the moment, we are capturing the essence of those moments for eternity. Trust, communication, and collaboration are the foundation upon which a memorable wedding film is built.”

– Leon, Top Wedding Videographer at Splento.


Now that you’ve got the insider secrets, you’re well-equipped to make the most of your videographer wedding experience. Remember, it’s all about harmonious collaboration and communication. Give your videographer the tools they need to create the magical wedding film you’ll treasure forever.

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