General or specialist videographer? Find out what best suits your career in videography


Finding the right balance between passion and available opportunities is every videographer’s greatest struggle. So to stay on the safe side, most videographers choose general videography and cater to every video production need, while others follow a niche videography segment and specialise in the same. 

You have the choice of being a do-it-all video production generalist or one that specialises in just one field with fewer market players. While both career options are good, knowing which one suits you better and pursuing a career in it can be a life-altering decision. So you should know the benefits and consequences of both before diving right into one. 


Videography generalist

Most of the biggest videography agencies you know are general videography companies, because there’s no absolute downside when it comes to doing so. Your target customers become the entire population that seeks video services. Also, a set of general equipment can be used to shoot all types of videos with no specialised equipment costs. 

The one disadvantage can be that the general videography industry is already congested as it is, with plenty of competition from established as well as new companies and individuals. There may be nothing you can offer better than your competition other than superior quality videos and affordable prices. 

The problem with a new videographer joining this group is that they can easily go under because of all the competition they will have to face. So it is, perhaps, advisable to find a niche market with fewer competitors and excel in that market. After all, the secret to a successful business is finding an unfulfilled need and filling that gap with your resources. 


Videography specialist

The idea of specialising in videography is to narrow down your clientele so that you can focus on a smaller, more exclusive market rather than the population at large. Individuals seeking videography services might prefer to go with a video production specialist operating in their niche, rather than one that offers general services. For example, a newly-engaged couple would rather hire a videographer specialising in weddings, than a general videography company, as they would rightly expect the former to have more expertise in shooting wedding videos. 

The downside to specialist videography is that if you choose the wrong niche, and end up in a market with too little demand, you may find yourself having too little business. For example, a market like funeral videography may not be too sought after by individuals. So it is essential to pick a niche that hasn’t been tapped into by the rest of industry but still has a large customer base such as real estate videography or even music videography. 

Finding your niche depends on your passion and interest, balanced out against markets factors such as market demand and supply. If you’re interested in wedding videography but you realise that there are way too many wedding videographers in your area offering quality services at competitive prices, this might not be the best niche to get into. The trick is to follow your passion but also to make sure the business can be profitable.

Choose a niche and stick with it for a while, and if things still don’t look up – don’t panic! You can always change to another niche, as many other specialist videographers have in the past. 


While both forms of videographer disciplines come with their own pros and cons, there is a third option; a business which offers specialist services in each industry sector, by assembling expert teams of specialists in each field.

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