8 Simple SEO hacks to outperform your competitors


SEO has become a buzzword in the past decade. Every company, small or big, is pursuing an SEO strategy to highlight their business in the online market place. Let’s face it, it’s not as simple as it sounds. With keywords and backlinks, site health scores, and Alexa ranking, SEO can be a lot to track. 

Are you here to learn some SEO hacks to outperform your competitors? This article highlights some of the hacks that will help you get high rankings.

There can be many reasons why your website is not doing well and is not bringing in high rankings. A business always makes efforts to rank its website above its competitors. Most SEO experts try to increase their SEO score by aiming at the right keywords, adding XML site maps, and creating well-researched content. However, it will always need to apply simple hacks that boost the ranking. 

Let us explore eight simple SEO hacks that will take your website to the next level. These are:


1. Create great content 

Creating great content for your business website is not at all a difficult thing. Great content will remain there and stay valuable for a long time. It can reach out to more people and attract new readers frequently. 

High-quality content talks about issues or topics that stay relevant – regardless of their date and year of publication. It brings in traffic but also generates high-quality leads. Additionally, it helps your business create a brand image in the market, especially if it is created after great research. 

When it comes to ensuring your content’s long-term value, partnering with a B2B SaaS SEO agency can be a strategic move. Their expertise can help your content reach a wider audience and generate sustainable high-quality leads for your business. When choosing an SEO agency, it’s crucial to assess their experience specifically within the B2B SaaS sector, understand their approach to adapting strategies over time, and check their track record with previous clients to ensure they can deliver measurable results.

Creating evergreen content is one of the most important SEO hacks that you need to consider right from today. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating content:

    • Write on topics that your audience finds interesting 
    • Write unique and plagiarism-free content 
    • Optimise for SEO; use the Flesch Kincaid reading score, increase readability with short paragraphs and easy words, and provide useful information.
    • Create cluster content 


2. Publish long-form content

To increase your website rank, never overlook the importance of long-term content. It works!

Well written and well-formatted content can attract customers to your website. This kind of content also engages your readers more and compels them to stay on your website for longer. The longer a person stays, the more chances a business gets from them to sign up. It also reflects that you are an expert and with adequate knowledge over others in the market. This longer stay has a significant impact on your rankings, making it essential to consider enterprise SEO agencies for comprehensive strategies and implementation.


3. Use images in published content 

Adding images with an alt-tag to your website content is an important SEO tip. If you are already using images with written content, you are doing great – but if not, start using images that are optimised for the search engines. 

Visual content can bring in more customers for a business website because people get attracted to beautiful images. The uploaded images can make a big difference, so never ignore uploading images to the content on your website.


4. Add rich snippets 

To get a higher ranking, there are so many SEO hacks, but when it comes to the best CTR, the best idea is to use the rich snippets. Rich Snippets are a “Structured Data Markup” that are added to the already present HTML. It helps the search engine better understand the purpose of your website. 

 It increases your position in the result pages of the search engine and gives your website a unique look over others. And after your website has made it to the first page of the rankings, next is to make sure that you are getting a higher number of clicks. 

You need creative snippets because it leads to more visitors, as the title tag and the meta descriptors inform people about what you are offering – and how you are unique from others on the list. 


5. Create an authoritative homepage 

Your homepage is the face of your website. It is the first landing page and it makes the biggest impression on your visitors. It also attracts a large number of backlinks in comparison to the other pages of your website. 

Good SEO practice is to link other pages to your home page. These links could either be to the landing page, product pages, contact information pages, or even to a blog/post page. Giving links to these pages helps give authority to them. 

Adding the homepage link authority is one of the simplest SEO hacks to get a higher ranking, so you will use this hack if you wish to make the most of your ranking opportunities. 


6. Use accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are often ignored, but it is another of the most important SEO techniques. AMP is a coding standard which makes your website more responsive and agile for mobile devices. 

This is the era of mobile technology, and therefore you must provide your users with a mobile-friendly experience. Today a smartphone is not a luxury, and people carry it for so many reasons besides communication. The basic purpose of AMP is to help website developers provide a smoother user experience.

By using AMP, you can increase the speed of the website load time and decrease lag time on mobile devices. In this way, users will be able to view your website without waiting for pages to load or images to appear. A smooth user experience increases the chances of conversion and that’s what AMP will give you. 

Of course there are lots of ways to optimize your website speed, and this matters not only for mobile visitors, but for everyone. As such this has to be the foundation of any solid SEO strategy.


7. Use organic click-through rate 

Another great tip is the use of the Organic Click-through rate. Increasing the CTR brings you higher ROI and also a lead over others. A good CTR also shows that a specific website is relevant to what people want.  The more people click on your website, the more it gets a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. 


8. Use HTTPS – Hypertext transfer protocols 

It has been observed that Google appreciates those websites which use HTTPS instead of HTTP. An HTTPS is an efficient way of transferring and exchanging information over the web. For example, it has been observed that the digital marketing services website ranks higher when it uses HTTPS. Also, these websites are considered more secures in comparison to others. 


Final thoughts 

If your website is not doing well and not getting higher ranks, there can be many reasons, as already highlighted above.

Use the above SEO hacks to bring your website to the top listing of any search engine. 



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