Etsy product video Why video is an essential way to drive sales


As an Etsy seller, you should be utilising Etsy product video as part of your listings.  Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your products – this is why it is being used across all eCommerce platforms. Whether you are selling craft supplies, handmade candles, jewellery, apparel, or anything else– all sellers should be using Etsy video listings in 2021. Research suggests that online shoppers deem product videos as essential to their decision-making. 

Many shoppers love to shop from the comfort of their own home because of the convenience – but the issue remains that they cannot touch and handle the products. Product video bridges the gap between the customer and the item, therefore allowing them to visualise the product better. This inspires trust in the product and boosts your conversion rate making video an essential way to drive sales.

In this post we will discuss the technical requirements and advice for Etsy video listings:

    • Etsy video length
    • Etsy video resolution
    • Etsy video format
    • Etsy video makers
    • Etsy video examples
    • How to add a video to your Etsy listing
    • Cropping your Etsy video

Etsy video length

Brevity is key when it comes to your Etsy product video. Your video should be 5–15 seconds long and should not contain any audio once uploaded to your listing.

Etsy video resolution

Your video must be high quality so that you can see your product clearly. The ideal resolution for your video is at least 1080 HD at 30 FPS.

Etsy video format 

The maximum file size for your video listing is 100 MB. Etsy accepts most video formats, so your file format will likely be accepted by Etsy. These are the most common file types:

    • MP4
    • MOV
    • FLV
    • AAC
    • AVI
    • 3GP
    • MPEG

Etsy video makers

Using a video maker can be useful in making your video as they have convenient Etsy video templates for your use. You can even use them to create Etsy video ads if you are interested in using Etsy promoted listings to drive up your sales. There are several great video-makers available:

    • Biteable
    • Animoto
    • Adobe Spark
    • VEED.IO
    • Shakr

video for etsy

Etsy video examples

Although your video should be short and sweet, you can still flex your creative muscles. As Etsy is an inherently creative platform, it’s consistent with the platform to create captivating product videos which will delight your customers. Here are some trending product video ideas.

360 video

 A product video in the 360-degrees video format is an amazing way to show your product from all angles. The drawback of a product image – no matter how high definition – is that it only shows the product from one side. Many customers have had the disappointing experience of buying something online to find it looks completely different from the image shown. By showing your product from all angles in a 360 video the customer will gain a clearer perspective of your product and be more encouraged to purchase with confidence. Using just a short 360 product video you can boost your conversion rate significantly as it gives the shopper complete trust in your product. 

Explainer video

Explainer videos are perfect for Etsy video listings as they are informative. Often online shoppers are browsing online for convenience, and what is more convenient than providing all the information about your product in a handy bite-sized video? You can kill two birds with one stone by both educating and persuading your customers to buy your product. You can include customer testimonials and positive reviews to increase the credibility of your brand and show how great your products are.

Product demo video

A product demo video or a how-to video is very useful to your customers as it is a clear and concise video demonstrating exactly how to use your product. Product demo videos increase confidence in your product as the customer understands the purpose of the product perfectly – this minimises your return rate. It is also another brilliant medium for showing off all the amazing details of your products. With fashion items, you can have someone modelling your items in the demo video to show the details of the products and give the customer a taste for what it will look like on them.

How to add a video to your Etsy listing

Etsy has made it incredibly simple for their merchants to add videos to their listings, so you can upload your product video with confidence.

    1. Once you can have created your listing you should go to ‘edit listing’. Once you are on the edit listing page, there is an option to add a video. 
    2. Once you have selected this, click choose to upload your product video.

Cropping your Etsy video

When it comes to your listing, you want to have the right Etsy video dimensions so it looks good on the webpage. 

    1. Once your video is uploaded click on the crop button. 
    2. Then you can select an aspect ratio for your video. 
    3. Drag the frame that repositions the cropped area of your video. 
    4. Once the dimensions look right to you, click Apply. If you’re unhappy with the changes, you can simply click on reset to original size and it will undo the changes.
    5. You can now publish the listing and your video will appear cropped.

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