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As video continues to grow as a popular medium of communication, corporates are finding new ways to use it to build their brand. This includes alluring product videos that give customers a virtual taste of the product before they decide to buy it. 

People are generally curious beings, so it’s natural to want to know what they’re buying into. This is where product videos come in. A product video that can inform a customer and persuade them into opening their wallets, requires true effort and dedication.

There are many approaches to making a product video for marketing – these tips will get you started on the right track. 


Top 5 tips for product video production

1. Decide your goal

Your goal behind creating a product video can be to improve conversion rates, build brand awareness or demonstrate product features. Whatever your goal may be, make sure that you plan your content around it. 

What purpose do you see the video serving and who do you think will be watching it? These are questions to shape your product video. Highlight your product features or simply sell the brand lifestyle, depending on your final objective. 


Videos for product sales


2. Answer questions

Whenever it comes to releasing a new product or an innovative service, a number of queries pop into the consumer minds. Try to reveal as much information about the product as possible through product videos, but without getting overlong – which risks losing audience attention.

The best way to do this is through initial market research to find out what aspects of the brand, or features of the product,  are most intriguing. This feedback can help structure your product video to highlight only the most attention-grabbing features.  


3. Cater to your target audience

Not all your customers will respond in the same manner to your product video. Customise your video for different target groups so that you can maximise customer interactions. 

A product video of a frozen pizza can be produced differently when targeting college students as opposed to working mums. Realising that separate demographics of your audience have separate needs is the first step to product video production. 


4. Add a call to action

The main objective of creating a product video is to generate sales. Customers who sit through an entire video of your product are clearly interested in buying. So a product video without a call to action is a wasted opportunity, as most customers won’t make the effort to manually navigate to the product website without some form of encouragement or assistance. 

Make sure your call to action is nice and visible so that viewers who watch without sound will still be able to find it without any difficulty.

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5. Relevant distribution channels

Once your product video is completed and out of post-production, the decision of release lies ahead. A product video doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all rule, so don’t expect your video to gain the same traction on different platforms. 

Post your video on platforms where the content will be relevant and where a majority of your audience may be found. 



Creating a product video isn’t always as easy as it seems. Your enthusiasm can very quickly turn into despair, so don’t be afraid to look for external help.

The pandemic has not made things easier for corporate video productions but at Splento, we have found ways to make the process as seamless as possible. This includes socially distanced and fully remote product videography and photography.

So whether you decide to produce your product video in-house, or outsource it to an affordable videography company, like Splento, our top tips for product video production are there to help.

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