Budgeting for bliss: How to find an affordable wedding videographer without sacrificing quality Wedding videography without breaking the bank


Wedding videography is an element of wedding planning that you must account for in your wedding budget. It cannot be disputed that weddings do come at a cost, therefore finding an affordable wedding videographer will likely be important to you.

Carry on reading to find out how to book quality wedding videography on a budget, and end up with a great wedding video without overspending! 


Affordable wedding videography


How to get a great wedding video without overspending

Know your budget 

However silly it might sound, budget-friendly wedding videography starts with you having a solidly defined budget. The cost of professional wedding videography can differ between different regions and companies, so it is important to do your research into the average price of wedding videography in your area. You need to know how the cost of wedding videography compares to your overall wedding budget in order to determine how much of it you can dedicate to your wedding videography. 

Ask family and friends for recommendations

To ensure that it is a quality wedding videographer that you are booking, you must see previous examples of their work. If somebody you know in your life has recently got married and you remember seeing a top-class videographer present throughout the day, then it is definitely worth reaching out to them and seeing what they thought of the results and, importantly, whether they thought they were value for money. Seeing previous examples of a wedding video will give you a good understanding of the quality you can expect, but hearing a previous client’s view of their experience has so much further value.

Find an event videographer at the start of their career

Of course you do not want to compromise on the quality of your event video, but there can be some real talent amongst beginner event videographers. Doing suitable research into their prior work can make you confident in a beginner’s ability, and they will usually be cheaper to hire due to their lesser experience. 


Affordable wedding videographer


Reduce the hours of footage you request

Saving money on wedding videography can come in the form of opting for a smaller video at the end. Often, affordable wedding video packages are those that are charged on a per hour basis. Therefore, you can hire a really top-quality wedding videographer and simply hire them to capture the critical moments of your wedding (the wedding vows and kiss, of course!), and optionally, just the first hour of your reception, to save yourself those precious pennies.  

Be confident it will be worth it

Knowing the value of having a cinematic video of your big day can also help you see hiring a wedding videographer as an essential purchase. Whatever your budget for event videography may be, it is WORTH the investment. Having a beautiful video of your wedding is special not only for you to look back on the day and remember what might otherwise become a blur of a day, but also to show to your family for generations to come. In our social media age, having a wedding video is also a great way to share your wedding with extended family and friends that could not make it to the event itself. 

These wedding videography cost-cutting tips should have you hiring an affordable wedding videographer in no time.


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