The Splento Interviews: James Rose Into the mind of a top London videographer


James’ Bio:

I started James Rose Photography and Video in 2016 and I have not looked back! I combine a wide range of skills and love getting the best results for my clients. 

I offer a variety of bespoke and flexible services at affordable prices.

I am fully insured and always observe the current safety recommendations – so all my clients have full peace of mind in these times.


Canon C500mk1, 5Dmk3, lighting and audio



Ceremony, event, corporate, product, advertisements/commercial, short films, conference

The Interview

How long have you been working as a videographer?

JR: I have been making and editing video since 2003.


How did you first get involved in the business?

JR: I left my teaching position in 2016 to start full time as a photographer and videographer. My motivation was the birth of my son.


What is the best thing about being a videographer?

JR: Everything. The moving image is a powerful thing!


Is there anything special you like about working in London?

JR: Yes and no – the locations are great, but parking is lousy.


What type of videos do you mainly work on? Do you specialise at all?

JR: I don’t specialise, as yet, but product/documentary/promo work would be my preference.



How does a typical shoot work? Does it begin ‘on the day’ or is there much planning and preparation involved?

JR: I have yet to encounter a typical shoot. It is all about communication with the client.


What equipment do you normally carry/use?

JR: Everything from a Canon cinema camera to an iPhone on a gimbal, lighting, radio mics – the list is long!


Do you have any particularly memorable/embarrassing shoots?

JR: A shoot on one of the Farne islands – I filmed a boat departing – it was the last boat off the island…


If you could give one piece of advice to a client before a shoot, what would it be?

JR: Let me know what you envisage. Send me YouTube links, mood boards, anything that will enable me to capture what you need.


What are the special precautions you must take at the moment due to COVID?

JR: Just be aware of hands, face and space. Filming is possible…


Can clients take their masks off for filming?

JR: Yes, no!? See current restrictions.


Do you find most clients are happy to work around these restrictions?

JR: Yes. They are happy to and want to…



Is there any situation that you cannot film currently, because of the health precautions?

JR: Anywhere enclosed is difficult, a family residence, a small shed – refer to current restrictions.


How do you find working with Splento?

JR: Very good, thank you.


How does the client experience differ with Splento, in your opinion?

JR: I’m not sure as yet. Their communication is very good, which is encouraging for any potential client.


What videography tips can you share with beginners?

JR: Buy a big battery! The best cameras and lenses don’t work without power.


Can you list your favourite young videographers or photographers you find extremely talented?

JR: I like Phillip Bloom, Thomas Heaton, Sean Tucker, Tom Antos and Casey Neistat.


What is your secret of everyday inspiration for a high vibe?

JR: If I tell you, it won’t be a secret anymore.


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