Splento, the UK’s leading visual service, reports a 300% increase of maternity photography surge in 2020.


The beginning of June saw Splento’s maternity photography enquiries increase by an unprecedented 300% compared to the average monthly numbers before the lockdown. Splento has observed that this category is growing faster than any other B2C requests and has concluded pandemic pregnancies is driving this significant demand. 

As the lockdown continues to ease worldwide, European and UK expectant parents have started to enquire in their droves to book maternity sessions. It is undeniable that expecting a child is an exciting life moment. For 2020 expectant parents the added element of the largest pandemic we have seen in the past 100 years, has made pregnancy more interesting to say the least. 

After exploring this with a few of the expectant parents, this was one pregnancy parents definitely wanted to capture; professionally with immediacy, to mark this monumental time. “As a parent of 2 already, this pregnancy is just simply different due to the pandemic. In 10 months, in 10 years time these photographs will be invaluable to us.” said expectant mother, Martha Riveria. 

With robust social distancing in place where mandatory, Splento’s all inclusive photography package plays an important role in making this a reality for expectant parents. This package gives parents access to a specialist photographer for only £99 ($124 / 119 EUR) per hour anywhere around the world, all their best images digitally retouched and delivered in an online gallery the next day. 

To learn more visit https://www.splento.com/maternity-photographer-london




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