5 Content Techniques For Building Your Brand


So, if you are here, then you realize the importance of a respected and recognizable brand. And, perhaps, you guess that the success of creating one is due in no small part to high-quality and valuable content.

Let’s start with the fact that 82% of buyers tend to opt for a familiar brand, even if it does not headline the search result page. And it’s not so important what niche you are in and which giants you have to compete with. Your task is to present yourself in such a way as to stand out, win the trust and build strong positive associations with your name.

One of the best ways to do this is through content. It was and remains not only the king, but also the most solid foundation for any educational, entertainment, marketing and promotional initiatives. How to use it correctly and not waste your efforts (quite serious and long-term, you know) let’s figure it out.

Your customers and their needs are always changing, but we have seen this happen faster in 2020 than at any previous time.

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1. Define Your Purpose

This is more important than you think. Especially when considering how frivolously everyone usually refers to this.

The bottom line is that until you determine the goal, you will not be able to work on further content strategy. This is in case you have already decided to quickly skip this paragraph and go to the next.

The key question to which you must find the answer is why your brand exists. Everything else will derive from this question: the problem you are solving, the message you are broadcasting, the methods you are using, etc. If you believe in your brand and can explain why you decided to create it, customers will also believe you.

Moreover, this will run like a thread through all your content. So the goal matters.

2. Stay Away From Competitors

This statement implies both estrangement and a very close approach at the same time. This ingenious scheme is decrypted very simply.

You do not copy the strategy of competitors, but carefully study it. This way you will know their strengths and weaknesses and provide yourself with ideas about additional opportunities to surpass them.

This also applies to content. If you find that your competitors have missed an important topic or have not covered it fully or competently, do it for them. Thus, you will not only increase your expertise, but also provide people with the material they may have been looking for a long time. They will appreciate it. And if the content is really good, then they will even remember you. Perhaps even on the first try.

3. Determine Your Customer

Of course, you can not do without the notorious target audience. Otherwise, you just risk creating content that will go nowhere.

Remember your goal? Yes, we hope you still determined it according to the first item on the list. You must believe in your purpose and then people will believe you too. Now it’s time to clarify who exactly these people are, because you are actually working to solve their problems. You can’t cover the issues of everyone on earth, can you?

When creating a buyer persona, it’s important to be specific. Previously, phrases such as “men from 20 to 40 years old” were very popular, but they have long proved their failure. A well-identified portrait, full of the smallest detail, came in return: John, 35 years old, 3D artist, single, secondary education, loves bicycles and everything connected with them. Further, we can talk about pain points and the reasons why John may be interested in your brand.

By highlighting John, you can easily create useful content tailored to his needs and answering his questions. If you hadn’t “met” him, then everything would have been limited to the next portion of faceless articles on general topics. These are instantly devoured by the insatiable Internet and never again see the reader’s eyes.

4. Multiply Content Distribution Platforms

Although this is a big secret, maybe you are in the know: content marketing involves not only working with your blog. Is everything all right, are you not overly shocked? OK, then we continue.

Even if your blog is beautiful, hiding content exclusively within it will, in fact, give you almost no sense. The first and most elementary thing you can do is to promote it on social networks. This in itself is a powerful technique (if you have more than one subscriber, of course), which will provide good results. More than 70% of people decide to make a purchase precisely through the study of your social media.

The content distribution also includes guest posting. This is a very effective method, covering not only brand awareness, but also upward movement to the top of search results through obtaining a large number of high-quality backlinks. A reliable guest posting service like Adsy will help you set up a link building campaign quickly and very simply: it has all the necessary tools for this. Only content is required of you. If you want to get quality backlinks to your website without providing any additional content, consider outsourcing your link building efforts to a reputable agency like Digital Olympus.

Also, don’t downplay the power of email marketing. Unlike dynamic social networks, this is one of those assets that is completely controlled by you. By sending the right letters to the right people, you can increase traffic and conversions much more effectively than you are used to thinking about emails. ROI statistics confirm this: $1 can turn into $44, and this is not the limit.

5. Create Different Content

Of course, you cannot constantly generate completely new and fresh ideas. But that is not actually the goods, because the same idea can be conveyed in different ways. And also, because you need to constantly repeat your brand message so that existing customers do not forget who you are, and potential customers can immediately determine it.

In addition to the fact that different topics evolve and get new details that can be added to old articles, you can change the formats. Video, infographics and podcasts are incredibly popular, so you can be sure that they will greatly contribute to your content marketing success.

Thanks to such diversification, you will be able to interact with a wider audience and cover its most diverse layers. After all, many people prefer videos to long texts, and someone is passionate about podcasts and daily listens to them on the way to work. The more diverse your content, the more unlikely that it will be missed by those who need it.

Your Content Way to a Solid Brand

Now you know what a valuable asset is a useful information that you share with your existing and potential customers. And also what you need to do to use it correctly. If you can tell something that your competitors are silent about, you are one step ahead. And you are quite capable of increasing the number of these steps and, accordingly, the margin of victory. Have a fruitful content trip!

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