Places to visit in the South West of England Great places to visit for day trips and even short holidays


Before summer comes to an end and everyone falls back to their usual routine, why not take a trip to somewhere exciting? Not only is the South West of England blessed with many beautiful sites, but it also holds many fun activities for you to do with family or friends. 

In this blog, we will explore ten different places for people to visit in the South West of England.


Dartmoor National Park, Devon

The best place to start before travelling around this National Park is going to their visitor centre. Here, you can find maps and books that will help you to navigate your way around this park full of nature. The past still lures around this extraordinary place. And as people hike around the open moorlands, they will be able to see the impact that the Bronze Age and the Medieval period has had on this place. Not only will people have the chance to learn about the rich history, but they can spy on the wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Don’t forget to take photos to forever remember this scenery. 


St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

There are two ways to arrive at St Michael’s Mount, and that depends on the tide. People can either walk on take the boat. When this castle was built in 1135 by Bernard of Le Bec, the location was seen as perfect for this fortress as this tidal island kept out unwanted strangers. That was until the 12th Century when it was seized by supporters of Prince John whilst his brother, King Richard I, was on a Crusade. 

When exploring the inside of this castle, don’t miss out on seeing a piece of Napoleon’s coat that he wore during the Battle of Waterloo, an etched window panel – where St Aubyn’s daughter checked her engagement ring before accepting it – and a lot more. 


Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset

It’s been said that King Arthur was buried here, but Glastonbury Abbey holds many more legends revolving around the Holy Thorn and Joseph of Arimathea. Not only can people learn about these stories when visiting here, but they have a chance to explore the ruins and picture how they once all looked. As you survey the 36 acres in a peaceful way, don’t forget to have a look at the orchard. Apparently, it has been used since 1799, and it produces apples that are then made into cider. 


Bude Sea Pool, Bude

Spend a day out at the seaside and relax under the sun. Bude Sea Pool was built in the 1930s under the cliffs of Summerleaze beach as a place for people to swim safely. There is plenty of room for visitors to enjoy their time here, build sandcastles, go swimming, snorkel, surf and do a lot more. 

Sometimes the perfect day out is one where you can chill with your friends as you listen to the rhythmic waves that come in from the Atlantic Ocean.


Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

In 1836, this bridge was built by a young engineer called Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a genius in many people’s eyes due to his work. Views from the bridge are known to be astonishing, seeing the river and maybe even some rock climbers. After walking along the bridge and snapping photos of this scenery, there is a green space for visitors to sit and have a picnic. 


Places to visit in the south west


Brownsea Island

Want to see the rare red squirrels? Then catch a ferry from Poole Quay to Brownsea Island. Known to be a unique haven for wildlife, this island is thriving with animals. Venture around the island and see the birds and more in their natural habitats. And if you want to stay here longer than a day, camping here is an option. During the night, spend your time stargazing – and don’t forget to make a wish if you see a shooting star!


The Bishop’s Palace and Gardens, Wells

For 800 years, this palace was home to the Bishops of Bath and Wells, but now it is open for all to enjoy. A moat surrounds this palace, and it is where visitors will find swans gliding around. Cross over the drawbridge to enter the palace itself,  and explore the rooms and gardens that it holds. Guided tours are run regularly to take visitors back into the past when Bishops strolled around here. If you have children, there are many activities for them to learn about the history in a fun way. 


Kents Cavern, Torquay

This cavern is Britains oldest known prehistoric home, used by Neanderthal many years ago. Visitors who explore the cavern are taken on a guided tour around this labyrinth and have the chance to see how humans used to live. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to see the remains of a sabre-toothed cat and a mammoth. This location is known to have inspired many writers, such as Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter and more. And who knows, maybe after visiting this place, you, too, maybe inspired to write. 


Minack Theatre, Penzance

On the cliffs of Porthcurno, you can find this open-air theatre. Musicals are shown on the stage here, but people can also visit this theatre when there isn’t a play. Explore around this beautiful theatre that sits above the water. As you explore here, you may even have the chance to see a seal popping its head above water. And if you are extremely lucky, you might set your eyes on a school of dolphins!


Gin Distillery, Plymouth

Visitors will have the chance to go on a tour, roam around the shop and also relax with a gin in the cocktail lounge. It is known to be the oldest gin distillery in England, opening up in 1793. On the tour, people have the opportunity to learn about the history as well as interesting facts on making gin. Up in the bar, visitors will be able to test different types of gin. And don’t forget to buy your favourite gin at the shop on the way out.


All of these places are great to visit, but the perfect way to know that you will always remember these memories is by taking plenty of photos. For many of us, photos are important as it means in years to come, we can look back and imagine that we are visiting Bude Sea Pool or Brownsea Island again.

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