Most famous London film locations  Popular London locations from your favourite movies


London has had its five minutes of fame and then some – well, quite a lot! The city is a popular filming spot for world-renowned film production companies and who can blame them – have you seen her on-screen?

You’ve probably watched a couple of these famous movies shot in London or at least heard of them – but have you actually taken out time to go visit these iconic London filming locations? 


Top 10 popular filming locations in London

1. King’s Cross Station – Harry Potter

Unfortunately, there’s no actual platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station so, aside from taking pictures with the brick wall, don’t plan on running into any walls (although there is a sign you can use for photos). Diagon Alley, better known as Leadenhall Market to Londoners, is another Harry Potter location that’s magical in its own way. 


2. Portobello Road – Notting Hill

The Notting Hill area of London is a lovely part of the city, and especially Portobello Road with its beautiful shopfront and vibrant homes. The blue entrance to Hugh Grant’s home can be found nearby and attracts a ton of tourists every year. 


Best London Film Locations


3. Paddington Station – Paddington

Of course, we couldn’t leave the adorable British bear off the list. He was named after the station and even has a statue inside it. Tourists visiting can find small bear souvenirs at this iconic London filming location. 


4. Borough Market – Bridget Jones’ Diary

Borough Market has been one of London’s favourite markets, but did you know it’s also a filming favourite? Bridget Jones’ home was nestled within the area and her flat is situated above The Globe Tavern in Bedale Street. 


5. MI6 – James Bond

The MI6 Building in Vauxhall features as the headquarters in the James Bond films. The building is blown up in an unforgettable scene in Skyfall. Unfortunately, being the headquarters for highly secretive intelligence operations, they don’t just welcome in every tourist who comes knocking at their doors. 


6. The Tube – Bourne Ultimatum

More of a moving filming location, the London Underground has featured numerous movies including the intense scene from The Bourne Ultimatum. If only the Tube was actually that happening, maybe we’d use it more often?


7. Baker Street – Sherlock Holmes

It doesn’t take a genius to find Sherlock Holmes’ humble abode in 221b Baker Street (although it may take a little detective work, as the actual location is found between numbers 237 and 241 – it’s a long story). The house is just a short walk from Madame Tussauds. The Sherlock Holmes museum is located in the famous filming spot and holds numerous memorabilia of the crime-solving expert. 


Famous London Film Locations


8. Tower of London – Spider-Man: Far from Home

The climactic scene of Spiderman takes place in the heart of London. The unforgettable finale of the movie unravels inside the Tower Bridge on the horrifying glass floor. If you walk across that floor you’re a superhero to us too. 


9. South Bank – Four Weddings and a Funeral

London’s South Bank is a remarkable filming location that has witnessed countless award-winning film shoots. You can catch the charming heart-throb, Hugh Grant, running along South Bank. The location will throw you right into the 90’s rom-com. 


10. V for Vendetta – Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square creates quite the setting for crowd scenes. You may remember it from the revered mob scene from V for Vendetta as a crowd marches through the square before going to destroy the Houses of Parliament.


We know, we’ve practically listed the whole of London – but that’s just how popular the city is in the filming industry. If you haven’t visited these famous filming locations yet, it’s time to cash in that sick day you’ve been saving up and get going – well – once the lockdown is lifted.


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