Joe Frazier on Entrepreneurship


My favourite definition of entrepreneurs is “Those who do more than anyone thinks possible… with less than anyone thinks possible.”

However, this definition does not address the most important part – the WHY?

Why do entrepreneurs do what they do? Why have I set up half a dozen companies over the past 15 years – despite all the uncertainty, failure and hard work associated with it.

The answer comes from the most unexpected corner – Joe Frazier’s answer to why he fights:

“This is what I do. I am a fighter. It’s my job. I’m just doing my job”. Joe doesn’t deny the attractiveness of money. “Who wants to work for nothing?” But there are things more important than money. “I don’t need to be a star, because I don’t need to shine. But I do need to be a boxer, because that’s what I am. It’s as simple as that.”

It fully resonates with me and I think true entrepreneurs are like Joe Frazier. It’s not about the money, or stardom, or power.

We do it, because of who we are. It’s our job to find more effective solutions to the world’s problems with limited resources that we have.


by Roman Grigoriev

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