January 2019 Update



During my training to become a chartered surveyor, I committed a classic “Roman-ism” (an innocent lingo-cultural blunder) that my former colleagues still bring up many years later.

On 14 February (the year must have been 2005), I had signed off all my emails with: “Happy Valentine’s Day”, regardless of the addressee’s age, sex or relationship to me. When my boss learned about it, he found it hilarious and advised me against doing it, but little did he know that 14 years later I will do it again to a much wider audience 🙂

You see, in my native Estonia 14 February is officially called Friend’s Day, so Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends 🙂

1) ZOOM / Recent Update:

January is usually incredibly slow in the Visual Content Industry, yet we had a stonking month (second best ever) and the best week ever.

Our P&L will reflect a relatively slow January, as we have recently switched our revenue recognition from the date of the booking to the date of the session, but in terms of the sales bells ringing – if our lease had allowed us to ring a bell with each sale – January would have been a bit of a musical zoo 🙂  

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead:

a) We are doing our first trial with a very promising start-up that is shaking up the mass participation sporting events industry (endurance sports marketplace: discovery, booking, management). One thing that they have figured out, which none of their competitors have – is that photography of endurance events should be free for participants.

This startup has hired us to do the first test in March – tens of thousands of edited photos delivered the same day to thousands of individual runners completely free of charge. As a keen athlete (and supplier) to these guys, I can’t wait for them to become the AirBnB of endurance events and for Splento to cover hundreds of thousands of their events worldwide!

b) Each year we are getting more and more involved with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year we are shooting photo and video over 4 days not just for their headline sponsors, as in the previous years, but actually for the organisers themselves too. It seems the harder the job operationally, the more our technology and processes stand out amongst the competition.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask:

If you know anyone at AirBnB (or their competitors), directly or tangentially responsible for photography,  please introduce us. We can empower their hosts and experience providers with professional photos and videos to help them grow faster and ultimately sell more.

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