What is a Splento Ambassador?


If you use the app yourself, and in your free time you share it around and introduce some new active users to it regularly, then you are becoming our Ambassador and we strongly believe you should be remunerated for that too. 

You can go about it in different ways:

  • Go through your family or friends circle. Anyone you know! 
  • Tip 1: Check the existing groups you’ve got on your Whatsapp and create the albums with pictures that you don’t want to lose, pictures that you would like to keep in one place forever in Splento App. Share this album with the same people from the group and they will appreciate the time you invested in creating it for you all.
  • Tip 2: Start saving or creating all your perfect images in the Splento App – and share them with your loved ones using the link. It will not only save you a lot of space on your phone, and keep the images in their original quality, but also will keep them on the most secure social platform ever created! 
  • Tip 3: Use your great presenting skills and be creative in delivering your presentations to your parents, husband/wife, in-laws, friends, neighbours, your driving instructor, gym coach or kid’s teachers. 
  • Explore the groups you are a member of!
  • Tip 1: Be ready to explain and guide. People are always reluctant to use new things and sometimes need to be encouraged to realise what they are missing out on. 
  • Tip 2: Be ready to showcase. Make a streaming video of your albums for example and show how you use it.
  • Be always ready to introduce Splento App to the clubs you or your child are part of.
  • Tip 1: Be sure to tell them that the Splento app is definitely the best current app for privacy for kids clubs. It is the most secure platform, where even our own developers are unable to access your albums. This means that all pictures are only shared with the right groups or individuals – and nobody else.
  • Tip 2: Don’t forget to let them know about the face recognition feature, which makes sure that you are always updated when a new picture of your child is uploaded to the app.
  • Tip 3: Tell them about the app, then answer their questions and only then send them the link to join the app. 
  • Share app.Splento.com with entertainers you use.
  • Tip 1: Create the album for your event in the Splento App and add all relevant images from the event. Then share it with all of your guests, asking them to add their own images to the album from the same event. After this, share the album with the entertainer, explaining all the benefits for him to use this app.
  • Your childminder, nursery or school should also know about this application that allows them to keep all images in original quality at one place, with the most secure privacy system.
  • Tip 1: Go directly to the decision maker and brief them on the Splento app, and what they (as a nursery or school) can get from it. Pay special attention to the privacy, security and engagement benefits of the app. 
  • Tip 2: Explain how the app works step by step: a) Safely and easily take photos and videos, b) Photos are auto-sorted based on the child’s photo (face-recognition), and c) parents share, print and invite others to the album. 
  • Social Media is there for you to make it very easy!
  • Share it on your timeline or send personal messages about the app and why you use it.
  • Remember if you don’t love it yourself, you won’t be able to make others fall in love with it. 

How to become a Splento Ambassador?

  • Apply here
  • We will contact you and schedule a chat for 30 minutes just to find out more about you. 
  • If you are selected to become our ambassador, you will be invited to another meeting and provided with all relevant information on becoming a successful Splento ambassador. 

How do you earn as a Splento Ambassador?

The more people you tell, the more money you can earn.

What do you need to do to refer the users to us and get paid?

  • Complete the application form and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Register with Splento 
  • Create a short URL using these UTM Instructions 
  • Present the Splento app to your connections.
  • Share your short URL (should look like this one https://bit.ly/3zrabDQ) with your connections.
  • The number of users that join the Splento app through your link will be calculated on a monthly basis and you will be paid according to the remuneration structure.

Check our FAQ about the splento app

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