Ten fun activities to do as a group in London Top ways to spend time in the capital city


Every year, London is blessed with 27 million visitors to show off its many wonders. The city has many activities for you to do to make your day enjoyable. No matter if you are a tourist or a native of London, you will find something fun to do in the capital of England.

In this blog, we will explore ten fun activities to do in London.


Adventure Trails

If you want to explore London in a fun way, this activity is the one for you. These adventure quests around the city are made up of two to five people. Whilst on these adventures, the group will have to solve riddles to reach the end, and if you want, you can also have a break to have some refreshments. 

There are two great websites to have a chance to explore London in a new way. Secret City Trails has many options for your group to choose from, these adventures allow you to learn about the history of certain areas in London. 

Hidden City only has three, but these quests are more fictionalised. The options are Moriarty’s Game, The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat, and The Enchanted Mirror. With these adventure trails, your choices affect your fate – so choose well. 

And remember, take plenty of photos as you explore London and solve the riddles. 


Activities in London


Hyde Park

Known as London’s biggest park, Hyde Park is filled with a lot of history. It has held many speeches and protests, including the Suffragettes protests in the early 1900s. This park has many landmarks – the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, the Serpentine Lake, and the famous Speaker’s corner. For a small fee, why not jump on a rowboat and paddle around the lake? But if that’s not up your street, Hyde Park is still a great place to have a picnic, relax, and take many photos. 


Escape Rooms

A fun interactive activity to do with a group of friends is an escape room. The best size for a group is four, as sometimes having too many people can become too hectic and chaotic. Having a smaller group allows everyone to focus on one area when trying to escape the room. A great escape room company is Aim Escape, located in Canter Way, in Whitechapel. They have four rooms all having different difficulty levels, but they are all enjoyable. With each room, a group has an hour to escape. So remember, when you go to an escape room, have your thinking caps on. 


The West End

No London trip is complete without visiting the glitz and glam of the West End. And with theatres finally opened, there are many musicals, from the Prince of Egypt to Wicked, or from The Phantom of the Opera to Six – to choose from. There is a musical for everyone to enjoy.

Why not make an evening out of it? Go out for a meal with a group of friends or your significant other, and then after that, you can enter the world of musical theatre. 

TodayTix is a great website to find deals and discounts for different musicals. And don’t forget to snap a photo of your group outside the theatre – you’d want to remember your first trip to the theatre after lockdown.


Things to do in London



Located between Soho and Leicester Square, Chinatown is the place to go to learn about Chinese culture through food. This place is rich with a history that started after the Great Fire of London. There are many restaurants and cafes to try out authentic Chinese food that you will wish you could eat every single day. They also hold different events, so don’t forget to check out if there is an event happening when you are visiting. Although it may seem like a cliche, don’t forget to snap a photo in front of the entrance.


London Eye

If you want to see the best view of London, then taking a trip around the London Eye is a great idea. It is also called the Millennium Wheel, created to celebrate the world for entering the 21st century. From the London Eye, you can see up to 40km on a clear day, and have the chance to see most of London’s beloved landmarks, including Big Ben, The Shard, Buckingham Palace and a lot more. The whole ride takes around thirty minutes. If you are a little fearful of heights, don’t worry, there’s a bench in the middle for you to see the views in a calm way. 



London is known to have many museums for everyone to visit, and the most popular one is the National History Museum. Here you can explore the Ocean World, Space Life and even jump back in time to when the dinosaurs ruled the world. This museum is also a great way to learn about the history of the earth and understand the different cultures that are all over the world.


London Fun


Bottomless brunch

Catch up with your friends in a fun and loving way through bottomless brunch. There are many great places to visit in London to chat with your friends as you have your brunch, but one of the best places to go to is Ballie Ballerson in Shoreditch, a seven-minute walk from Old Street station. This bottomless brunch parlour has two giant ball pits for everyone to feel like they are a child again with no worries. Remember to take photos to forever remember the fun that you had at this place.  


Camden Market

At this market, you can find anything, from antiques to vintage clothes that are coming back in fashion. Each stand at this market is unique in its own way, and many people who come here always find something to buy. Camden Market is known to be the fourth most popular attraction in London, with an estimated 10 million people visiting it every single year. After your visit around the market’s maze, why not check out if there is any live music being played?


Pastaio London

Are you a foodie? Do you love Italian food, and especially pasta? Then Pastaio London is the place for you. They have two restaurants, Soho and Westfield. However, the restaurant in Westfield does unlimited plates of Pasta with a drink of Aperol Spritz on a Thursday, for just £25. Now doesn’t that sound amazing and tasty? Don’t forget to snap a photo of every plate of pasta that you try. 

Fun activities in London


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